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It’s 2300 right now. I should finish this soon and go to sleep.

I wanted share something I use with you guys. It’s actually two Firefox features (probably on other browsers too) combined with some nifty web tools. So the two features are keyword bookmarking and %s variable. Check the following image.

Bookmark - Properties

You see the properties for a firefox bookmark. There you see %s pointed with number 1 and the keyword whois pointed with number 2. With these set, if you type ‘whois’ in to your firefox location bar (awesomebar?) the keyword whois will refer to and the variable %s will be replaced with So you directly go to the whois page for Neat huh?

So I have quite a set of bookmarks setup this way and I’m gonna share them with you.
Bookmarks (right click > save link as..)
save the link to your machine and import the file in to your bookmarks. I’ll list the keywords I use and the purpose below.

gd linux – Performs Google search for keyword ‘linux’ for past 24 hours.
gw linux – Performs Google search for keyword ‘linux’ for past week.
time sri lanka – Googles for ‘time sri lanka’ so I can check time :D // try time new york :P
isdown – Checks whether is down using

hostr – Find where is hosted using
whois – Looks up for whois record using
myip – shows your IP as visible to the internet using
roomatic #tweetupsl – Realtime twitter updates of #tweetupsl hastag with
pdf – Gets a pdf of google home page using
bimg hot chicks – Perorms Bing image search for ‘hot chicks’. // Added this when I heard bing image search is good
unu – get a short url for your long urls

You can edit the keywords as you wish. Hope it’ll be usefull. Yawn!

PS: Oh BTW, got any cool tools to add?

PPS: Some lifehacker links.