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I always hate my school. No I don’t completely hate. But I hate a lot. School gave me a lot. But whatever it gave me came in change of things unique about me.

Today I was going through SICP book and came across the algorithm that finds the square root of a number. It specified Newtons method and I felt like looking for the way one can manually find square root value. The method my father taught when I was in grade 6 or 7 (It was the last thing math my father taught me). And I think I found it.

Sri Lankan School kids / cc txd

Sri Lankan school kids / cc txd

Well that method was annoying me at that time (even now I’m too lazy to go with that). So I came up with an easier method. Alone. And that method is very similar to the one suggested in the  first comment on previous post I linked. I had a little diary which I wrote all those fascinating stuff I come up with. I can remember, there I documented all the pitfalls of the method too. In side notes, there was a plan for a solar oven, among other crazy stuff :D.

I think that diary was more of an engineers note book (a term I heard in Personal Software Process course I’m currently following) for me. And I was still so young. Going even more back in time line, I can remember I came up with a dirty trick to memorize process the multiplication table in mind just in time :D (I suck in memorizing).

I’ve read most of my dads book shelf including books about psychology which I shouldn’t have read at the time. My reading speed was great and today I’m just a loser in reading at my younger self.

But all that spirit was taken away by the rat race that was introduced by school. School only killed the thinking part of me and expected me to memorize more, which I didn’t do well anyway. That little notebook went away from me so quickly. Next came the hatred of books for some reason. I wanted to love Electronics and  Astrology but I didn’t receive enough encouragement.

Then I found this shiny new concept called computing and strongly fell in love with it. School was so stone age and never kept up with me in computing stuff either. And only option I had is hating school. I didn’t want to leave my new love for anything. I spent the last days of my school as more of a rebel. And that was pretty much how I ended up with school.

And thank god that school shit has gone forever. Not that I don’t reminisce and love the beautiful moments of school days as any other sane kid would do. But there are more reasons to hate.

I think I’m again thinking free. A bunch of text files had replaced that little diary. And I read a lot, online (I know I should read more physical books. And especially read more literature.). It was really hard to get back in the track, but the natural urge coming from inside of me and being with right people has actually given breath of life to my childhood goodness.

To finish up, some anti-school stuff I can find in my Twitter feed :D

“You don’t learn anything in school. It’s just a waste of time.” ~ Bobby Fischer

I’m not gonna change the world. I completed school. ~ My self

About School grades. Good read.

Self educated people who’ve made a difference.

The other day I came across this blog post “That Dirty (Sri Lankan) Mind“. The first thing I got in mind: “Seriously, WTF?”.

I’m not quite sure whether google place suggestions according to the relevance. But seems like it is.

Today I found these two screenshots, google suggestions for sara and rajap on my friend @laktek‘s Tweet. And felt like looking for more.

So I looked for ‘how to’. See the results for yourself.

Seriously? How to get Pregnant? Oh c’mon Sri Lankans.
I don’t know why I felt like checking out for same thing. (Maybe I was looking for a way outta this shame ;) ).

See? We are not screwed. Yet. Apparently India screws up suggestions for us (It’s good to have a great neighbor :P ).

I checked the Google trends for “How to get pregnant” to be sure.

So it’s time to remove some bras.

Google Sri Lanka suggestions for “removing”

Google india Suggestions for “removing”

And now let’s see who really don’t know how to remove a bra.

Now that’s a big relief :D. Eff you Goog. We know how to remove bras, eyes wide shut :P

Yes Everyone knows that I have a Dialog HSPA connection. OK I must say that I’m experiencing the ‘goodness’ of Dialog ISP services. At a time I dropped connection (which is very familiar to me :P ) I came up with this idea for a new commercial for Dialog.

Dialog: Where faults are defaults & you don’t have any options.

I thought of sharing this because dialog can make a good advertisement with this, Or drop “The Future. Today” for this :P .

Thank you Dialog :P .

Though it’s old news for my Twitter friends, it’s just 10 days for today, me being online with HSDPA broadband internet. The lucky (or perhaps unlucky) service provider is Dialog. Booooo! you’ll say. Yes I know, Dialog broadband has collected really bad PR over the time. Number of bad comments about them are rising to the sky. But I didn’t come across any of them before I bought this. Maybe I was blind to those things. And most importantly ‘I regret nothing’.

Dialogs University students package seemed to be a good deal for me at the time. My friend ceevee switched to it from Mobitel & my best bud seejay too bought one. And few millions of calculations convinced me that I can manage to pay for food & travel while I pay for Internet :) . And I finally got one.

The second day I bought this was a nightmare. The speed was even worse than dialup. I couldn’t do anything useful with the connection. I thought my money is just gone. However things turned a wee bit good in night.

When I’m on a 3G broadband network (when modem Huawei E220 indicator shows lite blue) I got following speeds.

Dialog HSPA connection info

Dialog HSPA connection info

Dialog HSPA connection info

Dialog HSPA connection info

On normal GPRS signals (when modem Huawei E220 indicator shows lite green) I experience speeds better than dial up speeds. However my experience for this short time is that when errors come it doesn’t matter which color my modem indicates. Even on 3G broadband network… It simply sucks.

However I should tell this. Whenever I really needed the connection It was with me. And I think I shouldn’t complain for the not-very-good experience comes with GPRS speeds. In the last GNU/Linux event we did in Tangalle, I downloaded all needed packages for ubuntu through my connection because that school did not have Internet. I know it’s not actually unlimited but relative to other broadband connection it’s still the match for me.

People say Dialog is lying customers saying that their HSPA connection is a 7.2 Mbps link. It’s obvious that they don’t have 7.2 on their whole network. And wherever they have 7.2, I’m more than happy to find a user who can get evidence for 4+ Mbps speed. Back to the topic, Huawei modem supports 7.2Mbps speed & Dialog MAY have cells supporting the very speed but it never mean that the end user is getting 7.2 speed. So I ignore Dialogs advertising bullshit. You too better understand that Reality & advertisements are like rails. It’s too early to talk about billing errors since I didn’t get any (bills) yet.

Dialog connection is really unstable. I have problems with Gtalk/pidgin & kopete, which I suspect, occurs due to this. I get so much DNS errors. Sometimes I get the bogus DNS address from Dialog. I sometimes put Open DNS DNS addresses in my /etc/resolv.conf , but I need to switch to open DNS completely & that needs some time & effort to make things easier (Since I use GNU/Linux).

And also I had problems updating the package list on ubuntu (apt-get update). Mr.accident, Suchetha figured out that I am behind a transparent proxy & so I have to use following line of code whenever I want to update my package list. And I still have to find out what else go wrong thanx to this proxy.

aptitude update -o Acquire::http::No-Cache=True

And people keep an eye on this, because whenever you get a problem, this transparent proxy might be the problem. And It has the potential of creating even worse problems in future too. Please take a note on that.

And I heard Bit torrent is quite a pain on Dialog HSPA & my friend CeeVee has the solution here.

I’m looking forward to have a good connection from Dialog. I really love mobile broadband since I am on the move most of the time. If D fail to serve me well…then I have think of what to do next. But *for now* I don’t have big flames on Dialog. Hope they won’t CREATE any.

PS: Dialog HSPA lacks an online usage tracker. It would be great if they can provide a control panel kinda thing. Geeks/ OS junkies/ Web junies will love it alot.

If you are a Sri Lankan Twitter user Please consider following lktweets .



The idea behind lktweets is to gather all sri lankan tweets at one place. This might sound funny or dumb but there’s something in depth which makes me feel that doing this would help the community, someway or other. Or we’d have some fun with that. Or at least we’d have something to …err forget about :D .

The Idea came right after reading and processing this post listing Top 10 lankan twitter users. (Yes I was there *fortunately*). The list didn’t have @geekaholic which is impossible ( @geekaholic had a twitter grade of 74 when I checked ). So I ‘examined’ things into bit deeper & figured out that twitter grader is not a good way to find top Twitter users because it has given too much weight on recent updates ( & some other alien facts) in it’s algorithm (No I didn’t reverse engineer ;) ). And then I wanted to check on all Sri Lankan Twitter users. Checked out Twitter API & finally got the idea of lktweets.

So If you feel like following lktweets, hurry up. And if you have any idea what we can do with it, feel free to share in comments.

Happy Tweeting!