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You were the father of C which definitely changed the world. You created Unix with Ken Thompson and it was probably the most important piece of technology for practical computing.

some great people are great because they make their greatest contributions to the world and leave silently. You good sir will forever live in hearts of boring nerds like me.

[No picture. Because I don’t remember you from your photo. I remember you as some sort of a super power that rules a green on black world.]

Thank you for C. Thank you for Unix. Thank you for a computing environment that is comfortable for boring nerds.

Rest in peace.

Dear Steve Jobs,
I never used an Apple product. Perhaps never will. But that is not really the point. The point is that you were an inspiration. A big one of those. Yes I respected the other Steve better (Fuck, I even called him ‘the other steve’). But you kept making the world talk about you and that made a good reason to look up to you and learn a trick or two, for life.

Steve Jobs that I remember...

I can assure I never even imagined this day. Like all the other heroes, and people I love I wanted your existence to be etrnal. I wanted you to be there till I die. I knew it was highly unlikely to be the reality for I was too young to be that lucky.

There are times that thoughts of death come in mind. Say, imagining my father’s loss… or mom’s. When that happens I close my eyes and tell myself and the whole universe that it wouldn’t and shouldn’t happen. I did the same when those morbid thoughts regarding you came in my mind. I just don’t want to lose my parents. I didn’t want to lose you either.

I’m sorry for not being able to put down something beautiful and touching like other talented people. But that doesn’t mean I lament your death any less. So what I wanted to say, even though you would never hear is…

Thank you Steve. Thank you for being an inspiration. Thank you for all the lessons. Thank you for being a hero that made my life worth living. Without you, the world feels a little incomplete.

Rest In Peace.