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I always hate my school. No I don’t completely hate. But I hate a lot. School gave me a lot. But whatever it gave me came in change of things unique about me.

Today I was going through SICP book and came across the algorithm that finds the square root of a number. It specified Newtons method and I felt like looking for the way one can manually find square root value. The method my father taught when I was in grade 6 or 7 (It was the last thing math my father taught me). And I think I found it.

Sri Lankan School kids / cc txd

Sri Lankan school kids / cc txd

Well that method was annoying me at that time (even now I’m too lazy to go with that). So I came up with an easier method. Alone. And that method is very similar to the one suggested in the  first comment on previous post I linked. I had a little diary which I wrote all those fascinating stuff I come up with. I can remember, there I documented all the pitfalls of the method too. In side notes, there was a plan for a solar oven, among other crazy stuff :D.

I think that diary was more of an engineers note book (a term I heard in Personal Software Process course I’m currently following) for me. And I was still so young. Going even more back in time line, I can remember I came up with a dirty trick to memorize process the multiplication table in mind just in time :D (I suck in memorizing).

I’ve read most of my dads book shelf including books about psychology which I shouldn’t have read at the time. My reading speed was great and today I’m just a loser in reading at my younger self.

But all that spirit was taken away by the rat race that was introduced by school. School only killed the thinking part of me and expected me to memorize more, which I didn’t do well anyway. That little notebook went away from me so quickly. Next came the hatred of books for some reason. I wanted to love Electronics and  Astrology but I didn’t receive enough encouragement.

Then I found this shiny new concept called computing and strongly fell in love with it. School was so stone age and never kept up with me in computing stuff either. And only option I had is hating school. I didn’t want to leave my new love for anything. I spent the last days of my school as more of a rebel. And that was pretty much how I ended up with school.

And thank god that school shit has gone forever. Not that I don’t reminisce and love the beautiful moments of school days as any other sane kid would do. But there are more reasons to hate.

I think I’m again thinking free. A bunch of text files had replaced that little diary. And I read a lot, online (I know I should read more physical books. And especially read more literature.). It was really hard to get back in the track, but the natural urge coming from inside of me and being with right people has actually given breath of life to my childhood goodness.

To finish up, some anti-school stuff I can find in my Twitter feed :D

“You don’t learn anything in school. It’s just a waste of time.” ~ Bobby Fischer

I’m not gonna change the world. I completed school. ~ My self

About School grades. Good read.

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