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I wanted to create a website. It was an assignment & doing it was a must. There were HTML,CSS & Javascript to learn, for the design part. I knew HTML & a very little of CSS (just enough to understand others code). So CSS… It was the biggest thing bothered me through last week. However now I live my life as a guy who knows enough CSS to “do something”. I think it took me just two nights or so to do this to myself. I’ll tell you how to do it to yourself.

There were two web sites, five PDF documents & two tools I used which didn’t cost me a buck. Thanks to all the authors of those resources. Here goes my CSS treasure.

First – The CSS layout crashcourse.
This is what I started from. I didn’t know anything more than the CSS syntax when I start. This site taught me how to build the basic site layout. And the site is CSS layout tutorial. Simple & helpful. I just followed the simple steps & got to know of ALL the basics in CSS.

Next – The cheatsheet pack.
This came handy when I try go deeper in subject. To quickly find out something I don’t know & learn something new, these were godsend. With these cheatsheets I did “try & learn” to get a lot of knowledge. I’ll list them in order of frequence I used each one.
1. CSS Quick Referance Guide –
2. CSS Cheatsheet.
3. DeepX CSS quick reference -1
4. DeepX CSS quick reference -2
5. CSS shorthand cheatsheet by example –

Then – The next step CSS.
When I got the basics done, I wanted to add more things. taught me how to. The simple guides of gave me a lot of useful knowledge of CSS designing.

Mean while – The Tools.
I drop the two most basic tools The text editor & Browser — Gedit & Mozilla Firefox (I’m on GNU/Linux). The tools I wanted to mention are two Firefox extensions, Firebug & WebDeveloper. These things made my learning path a lot easier. Other than just using them I learned a lot with them too. Specially firebug helped me a lot to get a good idea of Margins, borders, padding etc. by visualizing them. [I used Gimp – the free graphic designing software for graphic designs.]

And additionally – For the rest of your CSS expedition.
In above I mentioned all the main resources I used to learn CSS. Here are some more I think which would be very hepful when you go frther.
1. W3C CSS Tutorial – a complete reference for CSS.
2. Step by step website design building tutorial from – This is a complete website design building guide, so simple & gives all basic concepts of designing.

Note: The way I learn is really spooky. So some of you may not find this helpful. I found most of these resources on – programming area. There are many extensive collections of CSS learning resources. But consider my list as a “Tested study guide”.

The other note: I kept calling myself “sucker in design”. But learning CSS I improved my design senses alot :D