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It’s 2300 right now. I should finish this soon and go to sleep.

I wanted share something I use with you guys. It’s actually two Firefox features (probably on other browsers too) combined with some nifty web tools. So the two features are keyword bookmarking and %s variable. Check the following image.

Bookmark - Properties

You see the properties for a firefox bookmark. There you see %s pointed with number 1 and the keyword whois pointed with number 2. With these set, if you type ‘whois’ in to your firefox location bar (awesomebar?) the keyword whois will refer to and the variable %s will be replaced with So you directly go to the whois page for Neat huh?

So I have quite a set of bookmarks setup this way and I’m gonna share them with you.
Bookmarks (right click > save link as..)
save the link to your machine and import the file in to your bookmarks. I’ll list the keywords I use and the purpose below.

gd linux – Performs Google search for keyword ‘linux’ for past 24 hours.
gw linux – Performs Google search for keyword ‘linux’ for past week.
time sri lanka – Googles for ‘time sri lanka’ so I can check time :D // try time new york :P
isdown – Checks whether is down using

hostr – Find where is hosted using
whois – Looks up for whois record using
myip – shows your IP as visible to the internet using
roomatic #tweetupsl – Realtime twitter updates of #tweetupsl hastag with
pdf – Gets a pdf of google home page using
bimg hot chicks – Perorms Bing image search for ‘hot chicks’. // Added this when I heard bing image search is good
unu – get a short url for your long urls

You can edit the keywords as you wish. Hope it’ll be usefull. Yawn!

PS: Oh BTW, got any cool tools to add?

PPS: Some lifehacker links.

It’s today I found this new URL shortening service It gives you http://➡.ws/blah as the shortened url(yeah.. blah is a random string or you can choose what you like).

I really liked the idea & thought of altering my previously created trim ubiquity command and make a ubiquity command for You can get ubiquity here . If you don’t not know what is ubiquity you can learn more here.

> Install arrow – Ubiquity command <

(If you have ubiquity installed you get a dialog to install the command on top of the page)

OK fellas keep sending tiny arrows :D .

BTW: Tinyarrow for this blog post is http://➡.ws/⇷

Update: URLs might not work properly everywhere. Just keep an I on the discussion going on here.

Twitter enhancements: Retweet this is a Greasemonkey script which adds a retweet function to your Twitter page.

Original script:

Shows a retweet image at each of message of Twitter pages (your twitter home or some others twitter page). Once you click it opens up a new page/tab with Retweet message in textbox.

retweet preview

New improved script:

Only open a new tab/window if you are not in your twitter home. If you are in your twitter home, the retweet message will be loaded in to the text box in same window/tab.

The author of original script is ziru. Big thanks to him for making this great script. And many thanks to vinces1979 for helping to get this working. I post it here because I do not have any way of updating the original code or even comment on page. Hope you enjoy this.

> Twitter enhancements: Retweet this *improved* <

How to use Greasemonkey scripts? Find here

Future plans:

There’s another edition of this script which uses jQuery (enhanced by Carl Furrow) to avoid postback in loading Retweet to textbox. Unfortunately that script can ONLY retweet from ones twitter home page. I’m working on it to add the ability of retweeting from anywhere on twitter :). just stay tuned or code it yourself ;).

Finally I have managed to come to an end of the loooong expedition. The expedition insearch of an RSS reader. A good one. One that fits Chanux’ needs. One like Google reader. Oops… I said that.

OK let’s face it. The best RSS reading experience I ever had was with Google reader (GR). I really like all the control I get over my subscriptions, through Google reader. But I wanted to switch. Yes I have reasons.

** Google Readers bandwidth usage is pretty high.
This maybe a myth. But I believe that I experienced it at the last time I used it. And my Internet connection has a bandwidth limit.

** I want to get rid of cloud madness. I’m afraid of cloud.

** I want my RSS subscription to be with me even when I’m out of internet. (now I have my HP mini with me all the time :D )

Because of those reasons I wanted an alternative & was googling for Good, great, nice, Google reader like RSS readers all the time. I found a lot of RSS readers & actually tried following readers. All I have to say is here in the shortest way I can express.

Mozilla Thunderbird. (Mozillas email/news reader : seejay suggested)

  • I didn’t like the overall experience at all. (Only RSS experience. It’s my primary mail client).
  • It downloads the RSS headings & then fetch the page itself when requested. I don’t like that.

Snownews. (Command Line Interface tool : found when googling)

  • Since this is a CLI tool I really liked it.
  • But had problems importing my GR feeds list (you have to convert xml to snownews format). Too lazy to ‘investigate’.

Snowl. (Firefox extension : found when googling)

  • The interface was not compelling.
  • I didn’t like the user experience.
  • Less control over feed etching (or I didn’t find proper controls ).
  • Annoying bandwidth overhead.

Brief. (Firefox extension : found on mozilla site)

  • Great/cool user Interface.
  • Usability, control over feed fetching is great.
  • Almost GR like navigation with “Headline View”.
  • Author of the software says that he doesn’t have plans to implement synchronization with GR. (Well I still want my RSS be synced with GR).

Akregator. (I knew that : seejay was using)

  • Good interface.
  • It’s KDE software (I <3 KDE) .
  • Easy navigation with widescreen view (for me).
  • Sync with GR is somewhere in the air :D .
  • (my) processor cries in compact view.
  • Couldn’t find syncing anywhere other than developer chit chat.

Akregator & Brief will saty here with me. But I’ll choose one as my primary RSS reader soon. Most the time it’ll be akregator because hopefully it’ll sync with GR. Yes GR sync definitely makes akregator win over Brief even though Briefs’ User Interface is GREAT.

Note: AFAIK snownews & akreagtor do not have Windows versions. Thunderbird, snowl & Brief are available for win. For a long list of RSS tools check this great post. But Please choose free & open source software.

Here I came up with part two of “Use Portable Firefox profile with GNU/Linux“(Now I feel ashamed for calling it a hack. Sorry fellas for calling it a hack :D ). This time it’s a shell script which would let you jump between default Firefox porfile & your own Portable Firefox profile which is going to live on your flash drive.

To use it you have to download fp.tar.gz & extract. There are two files in fp directory, one is which is the script & the other is profiles.ini which the script uses in the switching process. Those files are made to be together :). (You need Portable Firefox)

You have to edit path= Line in profiles.ini file. Add the path to your Portable firefox profile & run the script. It works for me & I hope it would work for you too.


Known issues:

  • The Extension versions you use may conflict with the Firefox version on the host machine.
  • You won’t take the plugins (ex: Flash, Java) with you(I’m still tryiing to figure out a way to make it happen).
  • You’ll have to obey the proxy settings of the host machine.
  • You may have to change file permissions [ $ chmod 755 /path_to_script ]
  • In worse case you may have to copy fp folder to host machine.
  • In worst case you may not have enough rights to run shell scripts :( .

known bugs:
When I run this in fedora core 6 I don’t get the functionality for identifying whether Firefox is running when setting/unsetting Portable profile. I couldn’t figure out that little bug yet.

The day before I write this script I was a total idiot of shell scripting. I just read the manuals(Some bash howtos) & wrote it. So you won’t see any cool/advanced tricks in this script.


It will be more helpful if you read the part 1 of this(Link at top of this post).

I didn’t check this with Firefox 3. (There’s one who use this on Ubuntu hardy with Firefox 3.0)

You don’t need to have Portable Firefox for this. Just having your Firefox profile is enough (If you like it that way :) ).

Big red disclaimer:
Dumb me & all my dumb friends did this & it works just fine. If you are dumber enough to get problems with this just don’t try this or any kind of hacks. Any kind of a damage you do to your system trying this script happens only because you are an extreme fool. SO don’t blame me. Go infront of a mirror instead. :twisted: