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Age : 25 for now (1986)

Sex : male & in the other meaning straight

Location : Sri Lanka

Religion : Buddhist


If there’s something human made I can’t live without, it’s computer. Down since I was 10.
Always like to learn something new.

Hardcore fan of FOSS concept. Love Gnu/Linux. Do not hate windows but I hate IE, a big fan of Firefox.

I’m a child of Hacker culture in its real meaning.
Love Blogging & web tech.

Music keeps me sane, especially when I’m badly broken. My hearts tune is “Show me the meaning- BSB”

Like Eminem so much. Will listen to any flavor of music unless it get on my nerves.

Like Mr. lonely, Why me, Hero, cleaning out ma closet, Hotel California, La Isla Bonita, Remember the name, Dilemma… oh the list goes on & on even though I’m not much aware of the music world. I don’t run behind the latest hits.

Wow I love reading but find time hardly to read, I mean literature. I love Sherlock Holmes series so much. Due to the lack of time I only read the popular books. Still not a big fan of Harry Potter, but my best bud bets that I’d be, someday. Next in the list to read is Lord of the Rings & A brief history of time. During the power cuts & leisure I read whatever I get in my sight.

Like cricket as an average Lankan. Once played base ball. I watch Football-only the world cup series. Like wrestling but never been dare enough to play. I’m not much in to those physical stuff but really like adventure sports, its ma best.


Have a Sis & a bro. My parents, sis & bro know who I am. So they interrupt my freaky lifestyle so rarely. I can be with compy any longer unless I don’t skip meals.

My relations know I’m a good guy, but they find me talking very rarely.I love them a lot & get enough love back.

My neighbors know I’m alive coz my parents tell them that I am.

Oh I can’t live without them. I’m a TEAM maniac, so I want my friends to be with me always.

My best bud is Seejay & the next best two is Asanka[Azzy/kotz] & nayomal[Randy/Naya].Never wanna lose these guys.

I got lot of friends & very few of them are found online. I can dedicate my happiness in change of my friend’s happiness, I’ve done that before.

I don’t believe in ‘Eternal love’, but there’s ‘So much love’. I also believe ‘love is pain in the bank’.


I’m simply, a guy trying to catch t-rexes with a fishing net.

The Logo here shows who am I. Just see how I spell Chanux. It’s a damn mistake but I got no time to make a new one :( .

I deleted My Facebook (on 12th January 2010) and Myspace accounts. Following are the quotes I felt like recovering.

“Love is pain in the bank”

“knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do” – Bruce Lee

“Linux is user friendly. It’s just not idiot friendly or Ignorant friendly”

“Braves are the first to die”


  1. Perfect Blog, keep it up!

  2. nice to meet u :P

  3. ah, now it is clear…

    later bud.

  4. Hi Chanux, This is Raghu Nayak from India.

    Your blog is nice. Keep the good work. :)

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    Wow, this is a great web site. I am so glad I found it, thank you. It is funny, I was just talking to my friend about their web site, and they said they like your site too!

  5. hey, nys to read ur posts. keep it up.

    Chanux: Thanks. Nice to hear that you enjoy my work :)

  6. Wow, nice blog. All techy. I love it coz i’m into gadgets & techy stuff as well. Keep going :P

  7. hi..,
    i sent you a msg so please read it and send me a reply to my mail address

  8. Way to go man!

  9. hey chanux just saw ur blog.really worry abut my late cme.coz I cdnt read this nice blog early…
    great work dude…thumps up buddy….

  10. $ echo “I’m impressed about your blog. Keep going… From the *root* of my heart.”

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