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Currently I’m so out of social media madness. It was nice when I was already mad. It was awesome, actually. But then I got work. Became a busier man (The office doesn’t block a single thing. We have sensible people here.) and kept moving away from social media (Just Twitter for me). Every time I went back to Twitter to have that awesome time I expect from it, it ruined the moment for me. It was too much of a chatter, lot of LOT OF crap.

I know, Twitter is what you make out of it. I know I made this monster myself. I overfollowed people, mainly thanks to tweetupSL. I’m not being an asshole here. People are awesome. They say nice things, they say cool things, they say awesome things, they share wisdom, they share totally meaningless crap. We all do. The thing is I don’t have time to at least scan through all that anymore.

I think the way people use twitter is also changed. They probably tweet more which naturally leads to tweeting more crap too. And people just tweet whatever comes in their heads with very little filtering.

I also experienced that twitter interactions are slowly becoming facebook like. It doesn’t have the natural warm feeling it used have. It feels mechanic. For an example take birthday wishes on facbook. This is also thanks to the ever increasing followee count. No one sees all the tweets anymore. No one can really care.

For me it’s almost end of the high time in twitter. I seriously thought of getting rid of twitter but It’s really hard. I loved it so much once and it can come back anytime :D. The reasoning we come up with when we want to stick to the shit we don’t want.

I should (and will) do something to improve things a bit better. I will be unfollowing people. And if I unfollow you, it’s not because you are ‘not awesome’. It’s because I’m too old I can’t handle much 140 awesomeness anymore.

PS: Started to write about Google+ and ended up writing this. Perhaps I’d write about Google+ tonight. Perhaps.


  1. Cannot agree more bro! I too faced the same situation where I did not have anything valuable in twitter. So What I did was un-following few. Having your tweets protected is another measure that can be taken to minimize the clutter.

  2. Most of us miss the good old days in twitter. My method of reducing clutter is having a private list which excludes all the noisy people. It works. Most of the time.

    • You always have nice solutions! yeah, me too miss the fun in the twitter few years back

    • Chatranga Ranasingha
    • Posted August 26, 2011 at 9:04 pm
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    I never did understand this social-networking craze ever… But, twitter is very useful to me, simple, short and to the point.

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