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I love sleeping (The type that we do alone). And I love being with the computer too. These two apparently, don’t go so well together. Scientific research has proved that usage of computers are directly connected to insomnia. No wonder I’m such an insomniac, ‘a night owl’ in other words. I love science and I tend to believe in scientific researches (Science works, bitches). But c’mon, looking at random funny pictures on Internet is fun. I’m not gonna reduce my computer usage to improve my sleep (lack of self discipline to be blamed, not me).

Crashed! /cc Gabriela Camerotti

Anyhow I want to stay up as late as I can and look at as many interesting things on wild wild webs and get on bed, crash in NO TIME, sleep tight and wake up sharp next morning. I rarely have problems with sleeping tight. I sleep like a log, one that has no sort of life left in, to be specific. But often falling asleep is the hard things. Stupid computer! I curse only till I fall asleep.

I was looking for ways to crash ASAP. Counting doesn’t work because it only waste my thinking power, doesn’t improve the fall asleep time by a micro second. One pitfall of counting is I feel like I lost in the count and waste a lot of time trying to figure out where did I miss few hundreds. And medications are not gonna work. It’s too much of work getting hands on them.

In my search for crash asap methods, lots of sources recommended practicing meditation. I really like the idea but again, :-/ it takes self discipline. A lot of self discipline. So all I did about meditation is saying “wow, cool!” at articles like this and forgetting it afterwards. But one day I found this article, “A Guide to Meditation for the Rest of Us“, which lead me to “Beat Insomnia with Blue Energy“.

And in one hard-to-fall-asleep night, I decided to gather all the self discipline I had and try what I’ve read. I also decided to hack the idea a bit and mix it up together. So read along to find out how I did it.

Following is an excerpt from an excerpt on “A Guide to Meditation for the Rest of Us”.

As you breathe in, count 1 in your mind, and as you breathe out, count 1. Breathe in, count 2. Breathe out, count 2. Continue through 10, then return to 1 again.

I do this for some time, counting to 10 twice or thrice while lying on bed (too lazy sit for this :P). And then do the blue energy thing. It sounds weird, you’ll laugh at yourself for doing this the first time but trust me and try it for several times.

1. Imagine your body filled with a blue gas, swarming all around, filling up every part of you.
2. Starting with your toes, to your feet and up your legs, slowly gather up all of this energy from each leg — feeling your toes, feet and legs relax as the energy leaves — and center it in your stomach area.
3. Do the same for your arms — slowly pulling the blue energy from the finger tips, hands, arms, shoulder and down into your stomach, letting it join the rest, creating an even larger ball of blue energy.
4. Again, pull the energy down from your head, neck and chest and add it to the spinning ball of blue energy that now fills your stomach area.
5. This ball of blue energy now contains everything — all of your worries, stresses and fears — and with it all together, shoot it out of the top of your head, through the wall, outside, and straight up into the sky. Watch it shoot past the tree tops, through the clouds and into space.
6. Feel your body relaxed and empty. Now, you’re ready to sleep.

That’s it. Read it once and have the idea in mind so that you can try it when you are ready.

After this blue energy thing I repeat the first step. I can’t really tell you how many times I do this. Hope you too won’t ever find it out.

I have tried this several times so far and it worked like a charm. I only do it if I realize I take too long to fall asleep. The reasons I like this so much are,

1. It really works for me.
2. It takes only a little effort and time.
3. It’s meditation.
4. It’s number 3 and yet takes only a little self discipline.
5. It lets me use computer the usual way.
6. It lets me crash quickly.
6. It gives me a good sleep and waking up feels good too.
7. Maybe it keeps nightmares away (Not enough data to confirm yet).

Still reading this? Good. So try it out. And don’t forget to share your ideas in comments.


  1. Well buddy, I don’t have such a problem to sleep. As you know I can sleep any where at any time. ;)
    It’s good that you’re interested in meditation, it really result in comfortable sleep. If you can better try Maithree Bhawanawa instead of that, and let me know how you feel :)

    (sorry, Couldn’t find an english translation of this.)

    • Naveen Jayawardena
    • Posted October 28, 2011 at 1:48 pm
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    Computers and internet is really eating away our sleep. I couldn’t agree with you more on this. What you do is called winding down before sleep. Usually it is advised to stay away from computer for at least an hour. I find it hard to practice. But relaxing meditation and even just closing your eyes for a while, helps to calm down. All this will help you get a better sleep.

    If you are really interested in experimenting about ways to fight insomnia, my blog post on a latest research will interest you.

  2. Good tips. I would like to add one point. Many people think that they need to keep window open for better sleep or to fall asleep instantly. I have a feeling that it is vice versa. The noise coming from outside will keep you wake and the worst thing is that it might even wake you up in the middle of the night. It is wise to ventilate the room before going to sleep.
    Best Regards

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