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Warning: This is  going to be totally personal bullshit. So you may not want to waste your precious time reading it. I mean, seriously!. I just wanted to do something forget the emptiness.

I feel so damn empty. It was like bearing a huge burden on my back all this time. But apparently I’ve been loving it. Or maybe it’s just plain “The ends are empty” feeling.

I think it’s the best 6 months of my academic life, if not of my whole life. Learned lots of stuff I enjoyed learning. There were times I didn’t do very well but it’s hard to be upset about the overall. One thing interesting is that it hasn’t been much of a change in my lifestyle. I’ve been tweeting all the time :D. Did few episodes of the podcast too (But Bud is doing the hard part, editing, again).

I've been tweeting all the time :D

Past five months marks some special things too. It was the time period that includes the biggest portion of  library going in my entire life. And I’ve met new friends, especially Thejo and Janaa, the first real life Tamil friends of mine :) . And not to mention, I’ve lost some good things too. Time to change the topic.

Before I forget I should air my thanks to my lecturers, friends who were around, helping and everyone else who helped in any way.

And about today, after finishing the exam I didn’t want to come home soon. It’s not like the old days. I don’t get to hang on with dozens of friends playing Games in the labs. Time is evil. People have to move on. And not far from today one of my best friends will be flying abroad. It’s for his own good, I know, but it’s kinda hard let good friends go off site. It has been same all the time and it will remain the same. We will be moving on.

Anyway the evening was not empty at all that I totally wasted it with three of my friends Dushi, Mahesh & Mahesh. Ok it’s Maki and Surix :) .
It feels good keep talking about mutually exclusive crap after an exam. I think I hate the vacation already except the fact that I get to watch the long missed episodes of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood and some movies suffering on my hard disk.

I wrote down most of the emptiness. Bye.



  1. It was really nice to hang with you guys too buddy.. And yeah things are changing and we must move on. but its not that easy for me to do so.

  2. Well, you just revealed my nick name to the World Wide Web. :D
    I too felt the same….emptiness all-around me.

    Anyways I know that you never waste your time as I did, you did many great things in this semester. As usual did FOSS guiding event and make our project a success.

    Wish you all the best for your studies……

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