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Ars technica lit the haystack. It was ready to make a fire. And there were little sparks time to time but ars technica apparently did the job this time. At least in the community I follow.

So in brief, Ars says that ad blockers actually block their well being. They have good points to back their argument. And people who bear counter arguments have good points to back theirs too. I came across this interesting article that introduce such good arguments. And one idea really made a new idea spark in my mind.

But seriously, advertising is a broken method of paying for stuff.  If we could unobtrusively pay for content on the Internet, I’m sure enough people would do so to more than cover costs of production.

Ok. I personally hate advertisements. And I really want to see the success of services I love, let it be news services, web applications or anything. But how can we burn the advertising witch and save the cool services magic at the same time?

Money in the jar | cc Ben Sutherland

I believe the old idea of ‘doations’ can help in this situation. Oh wait a second. I don’t say that donations are gonna help the way they are today. They have to be changed. They have to be evolved. They have to be more organized like the advertising is today.

I believe the donation networks can help in this situation. A service that interface between the doantors and the services that need money can help improve the donation systems we see today. A central place that I can go and pay the services I love at once and also collect all the donations coming to me (my services).

The idea is to improve donating and collecting donations. Encouraging donaters by making it’s really easy to donate to all the service they love with any amount they feel comfortable with. And another idea is to track the intersest of users among different services and pay the amount user put in according to that interest level.

I dream of a button on every site that allows me to add or remove donation units for the site. And the service that tracks this shares my donation according to my interest.

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