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Sometimes I hate people in my country. For not loving the nature and acting like idiots. It always occurred to me people acting like loving nature is a matter of shame or hating nature is a matter of heroism. They keep the water taps open. They crush nice innocent plants. Cut off trees. Scare away innocent animals or the worst case, you know what.

I’ve heard many stories about our ancestors being very much caring for mother nature. Maybe I’m in a generation which was crossed by some kind of dirty devils. All the love towards nature and the idea of husbandry has gone extinct from our genes.

I see waste all around me. And at times I too am being a part of that without really knowing. Bad is new good. So maybe I shouldn’t curse the younger generation for acting like brain-deads. They are just learning from elders, who are unfortunately, retards.

But there should be a way to change the system. The most basic thing, me being the change I want to see in the world. Yes I do that. And get laughed at or frowned upon at times. But I don’t give a shit. I know the people who don’t care are just having a serious problem in their blood line. Oh poor things.

So next time you keep a water tap flowing, throw garbage in midst of road (road sides are so old fashioned), crush nice little plants or contribute to the destruction of nature in anyway while you can easily avoid…

No I was not gonna blame you. It’s totally cool and you got nothing to do with that. It’s just a side effect of one of your ancestors being raped by a devil back in the day.


  1. So right. Every evening we see smoke columns rising from many bon fires. Bon fires built with dried up leaves and tree branches. Sometimes those leaves and tree branches are from trees that were cut down.

    The very same people who light those fires or cut down those trees, complain about the unbearable heat. Their solution is to install air conditioning.

    • “Their solution is to install air conditioning.”

      Well.. then they have two problems. LOL

  2. I kid you not. In this neighborhood there were lots of trees. Now there are lots of air conditioners.

  3. In my opinion one of the biggest issues when it comes to garbage is. There is no place to through your garbage. In a city I would expect every shopkeeper to have a trashcan. Because whatever they sell a part of it become garbage.

    How many time have you had to carry your empty drink packet for miles before you find a trashcan to get rid of it.

    Most people will get frustrated and throw it in the street.

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