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An year ago I found this service called getsatisfaction somewhere on the internets. And unfortunately I wanted to check that out. And I created an account. And for some dumb reason I created another account for a project I believed it would help, at the time. And it all was pretty much abandoned since then.

I used the account created for myself for 2 or 3 odd moments I hit on a getsatisfaction page. But it was all about. Oh wait.. it wasn’t all about it. I was getting emails from getsatisfaction every now and then for the other account I created. And today I thought I should get rid of it. Why waste there resources if I don’t actually use it?

So I logged in and followed my senses to find the account deletion page. And I found this.

Click to enlarge.

So I can delete only the personal account (Personal account means the ‘primary’ account for that ‘project’ I mentioned before. Not MY account.). I want to get rid of all of this so I followed the instruction. I looked for the ‘account section’ in ‘community’. And I failed find such a thing. I wish they knew how to create a link in html, when needed.

Anyway I was left with option to Google for a clue. So Google found me a getsatisfaction page that was an year old and filled with frustrated user comments and staff kindly deleting accounts for them. And through that page I found another page (it was merged with previous page) created by staff showing how to delete an account but that only lead to the page I found at the beginning. And in that page also, users were asking how to delete account and staff has been kindly deleting the accounts for them.

Finally I decided to cancel the account. And I did it. But for some reason I felt like trying logging in again. I provided my credentials in login page and I got following happy message.

Click to enlarge.

So my account was not deleted but canceled, or disabled. I have no clear idea about for how long it would remain disabled and finally get deleted or if it never gets deleted.

Having not much time to waste I emailed the support email of getsatisfaction and I got an auto reply saying my email will get attention soon. BTW I noticed that they’ve provided a help link to a zendesk page and I _guess_ it’s another support service. should be better than getsatisfaction itself :) .

I have nothing against getsatisfaction. I didn’t really use it but it was totally free (they are planning to move to paid model for some features). Anyway gesatisfaction demonstrate one way of NOT doing the thing. So it’s good to have it around.

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