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So Buzz came out with little buzz. I said little buzz because it didn’t buzz as much as wave did. I checked Buzz but it didn’t have anything special for me. So I disabled Buzz.

Google Buzz Logo

There was so much bad buzz about Buzz but I was not exposed to much when I first tried Buzz. I disabled solely because I didn’t see it making life better. Twitter is enough for me after all. Well I’m still me who deleted my Facebook account sometime back :).

Anyway, after the load of bad buzz Buzz received, Google people changed things for good. Apparently Google has good plans for Buzz and doesn’t want Buzz to die so soon. Or it’s the rebirth of good trend, ‘Listening to the user’.

So, with hope Google might find this (just kidding ;) ) I’d like to lay down some things I like to see in Buzz. I think it’s safe to say that these are the things that might take me back in Buzz.

Flawless Twitter integration.
Twitter is the most popular micro blogging platform to date. Everyone wants to build their own Twitter. Facebook and Google doesn’t seem to be any different. Buzz is Googles effort to enter Twitters space. I’d consider using Buzz if it allows good Twitter integration. Integration in the sense ‘me not having to leave Buzz to do my Twitter activities’.

When Google created Wave, one of the goals was to eliminate the data duplication happen in email forwarding. Likewise, if Buzz does Twitter integration without filling up the web with redundant data that will be great.

Comply with Twitter API
World needs a standard protocol for microblogging. This reminds me the days I was dreaming for an IM standard which allows adding buddies across networks. Jabber is doing lots of good for IM as a standard but my dreams are still dreams.

Opens source platform Laconica is doing for microblogging what Jabber did for IM . But still it’s far from dream come true.

Recently WordPress and Tumblr, famous blog clients implemented Twitter API. They are blogs but can you connect the dots? Twiiter is the de facto standard and there are so many Twitter clients out there. Why not allow things be more integrated in this small world? :) . It’d be nice if Buzz took another step forward.

Selective Buzzing is really needed.
I don’t know if it’s there but I didn’t find it in the short journey I had around Buzz. By selective Buzzing, I mean being able to Buzz to my friends, family colleagues etc. separately. I’m not sure that Twitter Lists implement this functionality and the similar feature Facebook had didn’t offer this functionality while I was around. So I believe one of the key features Buzz should have in order lead in the list is to allow communication channels insulated from each other.

Google have to be very serious about users privacy since they are playing Buzz inside Gmail, where most people need most privacy, after real life. Google messed up on this factor in Buzz release but they are really in to fixing it.

Finally, Buzz should be making managing information overload easy. Not adding on to the load. Because what they add might be the ‘last straw’.

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  1. At the moment the only appeal of Buzz IMHO is as a social activity aggregator. In otherwords it’s more of a client for reading Twitter + flickr + FB etc. in a web based client than a seperate network. As you said less will use it buzz until they do a better job of integration similar to Even then I see buzz being a client than a network.

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