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Happy Independence day everyone!

I’m the worst guy to write this post. At least according to super patriots we find in bunches these days. I’m totally screwed up with foreign ideas that don’t match the culture the patriots trying to frame my mind in. I won’t find it interesting to read long history books. I don’t posses a deep knowledge about our history than any other kid who went through local education process.

But still I love my country (More precisely “I love majority of things about my country”). I love the “Fat Free” history of my country (while many others love it with lots of fat and exaggeration). And I used to be more of a dumb but strong patriot in my teen-ages.

So back in those old days, when it comes to the independence day The TV, radio channels and news papers used to do one thing. One thing good IMO. They were talking about the history we fought for freedom. They were explaining why we celebrate this day and how our ancestors sacrificed their lives for the country. Most importantly how Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims were together in one side fighting the good fight. I can name three freedom leaders as I can remember, Gongale Goda Banda, Ponnambalam Ramanathan, Siddi Lebbe with heartfelt respect to all the freedom heroes.

Back to the fact, why I don’t get to see, hear those stories now? Yes I rarely read newspaper, I hate the TV and I hear radio only on buses. But every morning I hear people read news papers out loud on TV. I did today too. But I didn’t get to hear about roots of the independence day. Replaying the old tape is one thing and sparing some time to remember those times is another.

I don’t know about you but I miss those programs and articles because it’s probably the only time I get to think about the history of our freedom for a one long year. And I believe, this is the story of many if not majority.

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  1. Perhaps it is time you jumped to the task. I already learned about three names that I should have known.
    Looking forward to read some information on those people at least!

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