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I did blog when I was on facebook, and Twitter too. You should be thinking I am hyped by all this “Social Network thingy” (I don’t say no :D ).  And also you might have realized that Dailybooth should be a social network, if not you already knew it.

So here’s the most frequently asked question about social networks.

Why, Why the hell, why in devil’s sake another social network?

I’m not going in to the trouble of answering that. But there’s one thing I can answer, if you ask me.

Why the hell did you get on Dailybooth?

Simple. Only because my friends Seejay insisted.

(image: cropped, scaled down piece of Dailbooth Twitter background)

But that’s not all. I actually like it (now). And I’ve been a bit active there in my first few days on Dailybooth.

And if you ask me what Dailybooth is I’d say, It’s like Twitter but with Photos instead of 140 chars.

With Dailybooth I have a cool thing to do with the tiny web cam I have attached on my HP mini. Of course it works perfectly with Cheese on Ubuntu. But I didn’t find myself using it much (No skype or any video chats either. Call me a dork!).

Anyway now I’m thinking which moments can be snapped in a creative way and be shared with the world. If you are there consider following me ^_^.


  1. Glad you’re enjoying the site! :)

  2. Hmm….Sounds Great bro.
    I should consider that too……. Coz I also like to be an amateur photographer :D

    But the thing is how to find time for all those things like FaceBook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc… etc….

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