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This is a just crazy tech rant. Not even remotely a tech post or how to :D

So here’s how to do it.

Install Dropbox. Share a directory with a friend and create a text file inside it.
Now open the text file with a text editor. (I use Gedit).
Type in what you want to say.
ctrl+s to send :D

once your friend see the update s/he will (hopefully ;) ) type in and press ctrl+s.
you’ll get a notification from Dopbox about the file modification.
And also gedit will prompt that file is updated and will let you reload the file.
You reload and read the new entry and reply if you wish.

So there’s a very basic chat client :D.

Serious talk.
Dropbox is an awesome piece of software. Runs on Linux, Mac and Windows. If you still didn’t try Dropbox, you should, now :).

PS: Click to get Dropbox with my friends referral and you both will get extra 250MB of space :) (Default free space of Dropbox is 2GB).

Update: Find more referral links in comments. And share your referral too :D (If you use Dropbox find your referral link here )


  1. Yeah! it will be cool with Linux smart notifications(like in ubuntu 9.04 and above versions) :D

  2. :-)

  3. Get DropBox now :

    (11 250MBs from me :D)

  4. Here’s my Dropbox referral link:

    (can be used 11 times I guess :) )

  5. Here is mine

    Use this link so you can get increase in disk space too.

  6. Here’s another one. Remember most people above me have probably already maxed out their referral bonus so try to spread the love.

  7. And another link, as the post said above, most would have maxed out by now :)

  8. Here’s another link

    Thanks for my future (or maybe not) referrals :-)

  9. Please download Dropbox! You get 250MB FREE added to the 2GB you start with! It’s free online storage! Just use this link so I get the 250MB, too!

  10. Please, please, please ? :)

  11. lots of open invitations to grab!

    thank you!

  12. You and me get extra 250 MB if you use my link to sign up for Dropbox:


  13. please help thanks

  14. Dudes, if you can kindly help me out, please notice the dates on some of the previous comments….

  15. Dropbox Installation.

  16. If you install your Dropbox with this link, you’ll get 250 mb for free.
    HINT: If you are a student with a Dropbox, go to and connect your Dropbox with your universtiy/school email and gain 500 mb for each referral.

  17. Here’s another referal link for that extra 250mg.

  18. Get additional space when you sign up so you have more than 2GB here.

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    […] 如果忽略延迟时间,想象个场景:你在你的记事本中打字,你的字会一个个蹦到对方的记事本,啧啧… 可惜这是不可能的,因为记事本不可以即时刷新,你需要关闭记事本,等对方更新,打开记事本,如此往复。 当然,有可以自动更新的编辑器,比如Notepad++(设置——首选项——其他——自动检测文件状态)。 不过却没有我所希望的对方更新文件时这里面自动显现出来(尼玛,这个老外纯扯淡:,两人同时修改文件肯定会有冲突。 […]

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