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For the second time in just two months I heard of Microsoft lifting others code, this week. No I’m not gonna bash microsoft, there are two sides in both stories.

Case 1:
Microsoft lifts GPL licensed code for their Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool.

This one was first reported by Rafael at As Rafael guessed at first, Microsoft announced that the software was done by a third party developer. And they pulled the software making a pledge to return it under GPL. Even though it took some time, MS finally released the software under GPL.

Case 2:
Microsoft China’s Microblogging tool Juku lifts code from Plurk.

Just five days from seettling with GPL violation, Plurk blog reported that Microsoft China’s microblogging tool Juku, has code lifted from their popular Microblogging tool. The terrible thing was that both UI and code base looked very similar (See Plurk blog post). Like MS did last time, they announced that Juku was done by a third party developer and of course they pulled the service. Indefinitely.

So that’s it. In two months, two code lift cases. The latter one was even uglier (Or is it otherwise?). I think Microsoft should start to worry about how genuine their products are :P, especially when they outsource to third parties. Since it’s a huge company, I don’t think they would have an easy escape next time.

PS: My intention was not to say borrowing code is a bad thing. There’s no problem if Microsoft borrow codes from Open source projects and obey the license.


  1. i think this wasn’t the last time. ms will continue their work in future as well by violating licences outside of MS and trying to secure EULA.

  2. They even want to make GPL code proprietary. They should give credit where credit is due and if they use GPL projects, make the end product GPL as well.

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