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Oh dammit I’m growing old. I removed all the fancy things from my blog. Even the smiley images. Now I start to act like a matured bastard. Oh damn this is not cool ;).

On the other hand I’m happy that I manage to grow up. Somehow.

Cutting the crap, here are some more details about the topic.

The need to reduce extra fat and sugar in my blog was in my todo list for a long time now. But there’s no ideal time other than the exam days :P. So I took time for the long awaited change. I loved my old theme garland. I still do. But I equally love dark themes. Black is new green you know?. And a change is always good. If you are not sure, ask Obama.

It was not really difficult to find a black theme out of the 11 dark themes wordpress has :P. Seriously ONLY ELEVEN dark themes?. That’s not acceptable. Anyway I chose the current theme ChaosTheory because it was the best suiting to my taste, even though it eats up left hand side with post info. I wish the text was on left side. Then it would be easy to read. But anyway, “contentment is bliss”. A wise man once said.

I have added carefully picked items to the bottom of the site. Hope it will help someone who is interested in my blog and well… myself ;). Earlier I was forcing those stuff + many other crap on reader. But that’s not the way I like it anymore. I want to kiss. Oh hold.. hold on a second… I mean Keep It Simple, Stupid. More readers, more pageviews, more clicks are in the vocabulary of money whores anyway.

By the way I want you to know why I say “You should follow me on Twitter” somewhere in the bottom. No I’m not a twitter follower whore either :) .

OK you are done reading this post! Maybe you’d like to check my Tumblelog, right now.


  1. I like this facelift! Looks pretty clean..m a big fan of primarily dark themes too, maybe that’s why i like this one a lot. :-)

  2. Hey cool new theme. Have to admit I like it a lot more than your old one, even though I’m more of a whitespace fan ;)

    Hope to read more interesting posts here!

  3. Well thanks to your lovely msg on my blog about tits i thought ill follow thee on twitter :)

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