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I was compiling Qt from source. And had loads of issues. This is what I learned after all.

1. Errors are chances to learn.

2. Never copy paste command / code blindly from somewhere on the Internet.

Even if it’s very trustworthy source. Copy paste process might produce errors to ruin your day :). Check the code for yourself. Especially beware of commands/codes looking ‘obvious’.

3. When you ask for help give the helper everything.

Not what YOU THINK is useful.
When you get troubles your sanity shakes a bit :).

4. It’s always helpful.. well.. to sleep. . They are right. Believe me.

5. Sometimes it makes sense to “start it all over again”.

Hunting errors one buy one might probably be a Goose chase.

6. It’s always good to have nice & helpful friends & community around :) .

7. You should never trust a machine.

8. You better have good Internet.

I’m not talking about these guys. ?


  1. Well I dunno aboout the 4th point. Some of the best work I’ve done has been through sleepless nights :D

    • You are right. But when you are stuck in a problem, Sleep helps a lot. I’ve experienced this so many times & yesterday I found that link :) .

      • i too usually have a little nap or two when i am working on something interesting and a bit complex. it helps lot (or atleast i feel it does). but i didn’t knew the science behind it.

        try having 10-15min naps in between. might help :)

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