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It’s over. The fight against the dynamic DNS is over for me now. It took me so long to figure this simple thing out. But I don’t worry, even the big bro Goog couldn’t come up with a satisfying straight answer for my problem. So I myself searched under the mattress & found the pea which took my good night sleep (I’m neither a princess nor prince ;) ).

Sometimes back I had to come up with a pretty shitty solution for a shitty problem. No I didn’t won’t to show how bad my thinking or coding is. But wanted to show how shitty is the service of my ISP. But however the right way to fix all those are here with me. And I’m gonna share it with you.

If you use wvdial to dial up (Ok, now only seven people at most will continue reading this) for your internet connection, and you hate the DNS servers come your way automagically, here’s what to do.

Open /etc/ppp/peers/wvdial with your favorite text editor & comment the line usepeerdns. I mean make it look like #usepeerdns. Now wvdial won’t ask pppd to fetch those crappy DNS addresses again.

So go and edit your /etc/resolv.conf file and add you favorite DNS servers there. Mine looks like following.


Wonder why I use there? That’s because I’m a happy user of dnsmasq (I recommend you to use it). I used this simple HOWTO to install it on Ubuntu. There should be other guides & HOWTOs which might match you (In case that one doesn’t fit). Just ask big bro Goog.

And other nameservers are of the nice free DNS service OpenDNS.


  1. Try is Machan
    $sudo gedit /etc/wvdial.conf

    and add
    auto DNS = off

    and save it….

  2. I needed to do both before it worked:
    * edit /etc/ppp/peers/wvdial
    * add Auto DNS = off in wvdial.conf

  3. nice info…
    it works on my ubuntu…

  4. on my hardy it doesn’t work :(
    wvdial still uses DNS addresses that are not present in /etc/resolv.conf

  5. Finally someone who solved that. Thanks a ton for sharing! Please keep it online for other poor lost souls. ;)


  6. Thank you so much for share! This is very usefully! :)

  7. I solved my problem by making /etc/resolv.conf to be a link to /etc/ppp/resolv.conf. Before that there was no DNS service.
    It appeared there was some conflict between the name servers that came from the provider and the ones I had in /etc/resolv.conf from my lan connection. Distribution is Slackware 13.37

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