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Replies are very important in communication. Specially where there isn’t a direct real time connectivity between people who communicate, replies are vital. In modern days comment replies on your blog, Twitter replies & all kinds of replies you get on your online activities are so important, even though web2.0 seem to be fading. Today you’ll learn how not to miss replies On comments(on blogs), social news sites & Twitter.

First Let’s see ‘How not to miss another reply on Twitter’. Yes Twitter is still the big thing (at least for me :D ) .

Twitter only shows up messages from people you follow on your time line. Same thing happens to @replies addressed to you by people you don’t follow. But @replies are so important. You better be aware of @replies come your way, to have a healthy Twitter life. After all “being in conversation” is the most important thing in Twitter. So here’s how not to miss that @reply.

Method 1: Get Twitter @replies as an RSS feed.
1. Go to Twitter serach page.
2. Search for your Twitter id with @ sign. ex: @chanux . If you wanna track multiple IDs do it like this ‘@myID OR @myFriend’ ex: @chanux OR @sinhalenFOSS. Of course there’s Twitter advanced search for you to tweak your query to match your needs.
3. Once you get the search results page Find the RSS for the query on top right hand side of search page.

4. Subscribe to the feed with your favorite RSS reader or Get updates right in your mail inbox with RSSFWD.

Method 2: Get Twitter @replies on Gtalk(jabber)
1. Invite to chat.
2. Twitter spy will Auto reply you & then you can setup Twitter tracks. send following commands to twitterspy on IM.
on – Activates notifications.
track – track key words (ex: track @myID).
tracks – list the key words you track now.
untrack – Discard tracks (ex: untrack @myID)

Here is an intuitive howto for setting up TwitterSpy.

Now Let’s see How not to miss another reply on your comments on blogs/social news sites.

For this there is that great service called Backtype. You just sign Up, (maybe) complete four initial steps & steup alerts on your own key words.

1. Signup & Login to
2. Go to Alerts page & put your key words in (ex: @yourID ) & Choose the Alert type. And create Alert.



3. Keep commenting :D

There are more you can do with your comments in Backtype. You just discover the great service by yourself.

And never miss another reply :) .


  1. As always nice info. thanks

  2. Interesting way to use BackType Alerts — thanks for sharing.

  3. great sharing. thx!

  4. Thanks for sharing.

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