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Yeah I miss Dimi a lot. *Specially* on this *special* day. I want you. But I can’t find you in this internet jungle. But somehow I want you man. Oh shit I said that. That, Dimi is a guy. Which makes you guys think I’m in love with a guy. And that means I’m gay. Oh shit.

OK. Dudes I’m not gay.  And I believe Gay marriages killed Dinosaurs :P. But man… I miss dimi. Specially on this day “The f*cking valentines day”. Now you wonder who the hell is Dimi right?. If you were on kottu & had a bad & nasty reading taste like mine you should’ve found him. Dimi was Dragon of “Dragons of eden“.

Why I remind him on v’tines day even when it makes me sound so gay?.  It’s because of the post valentines day post. A blogpost I wrote like “in reply to” a post from Dimi, which was about love, V’tines day & all that crap. I’ve linked to two post on his blog on my post. My post is having extra hits these days & so I see it on my stats page. And also people are talking a lot about it lately. That’s what makes me really miss Dimi & his blog. Without his posts mine don’t sound so cool:( .

Hey Dimi, you bustard, just come out from where you are hiding or stop f*cking around those planes (you were doing some avition related stuff?) & write some bad posts for us to read. You scumbag we (or at least I) wanna read some dirty posts from you. If you are reading this comment here or find my contact page on this blog.

If you know any clue about dimi-the-dirt please let me know. We seriously need to get him back in blogging SOMEHOW.

Update: Bugger is on Booz-feck – Oops I can’t reveal that. But he is out there.

PS: And where’s just mal?


  1. Even I miss his posts sooo badly…

  2. Brow! Now that is some gay sh*t right there :P But yeah! I also miss all those cool bloggers we used to read in the good old days :( I’m glad that the “Pissu Girl” is still there :D

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