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I’ve read this fine article by rands, about the Attention Deficiency Disorder which nerds normally known to have. And it sounds like “Geeks are multitasking”. But I have another explanation for that. I’ll use the word Geek instead of nerd since it’s better known at the time.

I think I have most of those qualities which are known to be in Geeks. I never called myself a Geek until another geek called me so. I used the word tech-freak instead. But there are many people calling me a geek & I have no problem with that. So the so called explanation is based on what I think/know of myself. I know it cannot be hundred percent true or hundred percent false.

When I’m at home & at the computer, if mom comes with a hot tea & a good topic, normally in few minutes she gets angry with me & start complaining that I don’t LISTEN. When I’m on the phone, if I look into the computer screen, money spent for making the call is gonna be a big waste. What actually happened to that multitasking feature? Gone with the wind?

Most the time when I take input from my computer screen all the other inputs are getting closed. Or at least loosing priority. But why, I am supposed to have multitasking built-in.

Maybe I don’t have multitasking. But still there are 10-15 Firefox tabs open, few terminal windows/tabs open, email client, may be the text editor with few more tabs, IM client & irssi too. And also some music playing in the backround streaming through the net or in Amarok. I think I’m Alt-Tab-ing through them so many times. Hmmm… complicating huh?

OK, here’s what I think of “what’s going on?”. Let’s face it, I don’t do multitasking. Yes they say that normally men can’t do multitasking , But women can . I don’t know whether they are right or wrong. But I’m sure I’m not multitasking. It’s just dividing time. My brain divides & allocate times for each task. Listening to music at a given chunk of time & quickly jumping in to some coding at next chunk & then something else. (The task list has a priority & the way priority is given is another story & a half). Sounds like TDMA isn’t it? Time Divisional Multiple Access if you haven’t heard of it. For this to be done, ones short term memory and organizing of stuff inside brain should be very good. I’ve personally experienced good short term memory & relatively poor long term memory in my brain wiring.

This is what I have to say. I’m really sorry if you don’t understand what I’m trying to say. I just wanted to put these thoughts out and free up my brain. BTW did my post get any good position in your priority list? :D


  1. Yep..
    Seems tdma’s priority policy goes like ict.priority>otherStuff.priority always. It wasnt an algorithm which existed in most of our parents,,,
    eager to c wt wil b our future generations priorities

  2. kinda true. but then again, computer processors were ‘multi tasking'(kinda the same way you explain, dividing time for processors…) long before multi core(true multitasking) processors came. so i guess you can call what you do right now multi tasking. personally i work like what you explain :P i think it happens because there are so many cool stuff and so little time. if i have enough time i will love to focus on two or three things max. multi processing costs more resources. you can use it on some real work, if you do less multi tasking. this is what i feel :)

  3. @කෙහෙළිය බණ්ඩාර ගල්ලබ
    I have no hopes of the next gen :)

    Yes multiplexing is also a good example like TDMA. May be the best. So everything can be melt down to A.D.D (or N.A.D.D) is really multitasking. But dude think of a bunch of girls talking. They all talk to 2-3 at once & listen to all too. That really is multitasking :D .

  4. Personally I’ve realized that I can multi task well on certain areas. Like, I can read a novel and eat dinner and watch TV at the same time :D
    IMHO the reason we muti task is we’re easily bored. We have short attention spans so we do multiple things to keep ourselves occupied. Like checking mail while your ant script is running (which actually takes only 10-15 seconds)etc.
    However in other areas such as cooking I’m kind of linear – Like even though it’s common sense to prepare several curries at the same time; i.e cut the vegs while the fish is being defrosted, it doesnt come natuarally to me.
    Don’t know where I’m going with this :) Just some thoughts.

  5. @chanux
    hehe of course. its more like parallel processing/tasking ;)

    agree with the ‘IMHO the reason we muti task is we’re easily bored’…

  6. Nice post chanux. got priority ;)

    I totally agree with that statement, too!

  7. Haha dude I do all that stuff you mentioned and I doubt that makes me a ‘geek’, no one’s called me one yet atleast. So must be TDMA!
    With you on the poor long term memory thing.
    Scratch that, SUCKY long term memory. :/
    So I apologize for naturally a literal HANDFUL of things take priority in my list, blog posts not being one of them. Atleast that silly tshirt link you left on my blog made it in there. ;D

  8. @Makuluwo
    I do not understand why you commented on this blog if this post didn’t get any kind of a priority shift in your LIST. ;)

    BTW nice to come across your f*cking blog :P

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