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Hope everyone knows that something went wrong with Google for some time. 6:30 a.m. PST and 7:25 a.m on 1/31/2009 as Google says. They marked all their search results as harmful sites. Here’s photo proof from dave winer (I didn’t witeness the error. Unfortunately :) ).

Google made a statement on the incident on their official blog. At first they were trying to ( may be not intentionally) put the blame on . Here’s what stopbadware people have to say.

Things are all fine by now (at least it seems to be). But what about those people who found your site on Google at the time the error occurred? Ok count the geeks, nerds, web junkies, net savvy people & people with better IQ out (Since they notice it’s an error). But still there’s a huge portion of surfers who really don’t know that what happened was an error. So what should Google do? Apologize on their homepage and/or search result pages ? What do you think.

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