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URL shortening is very popular these days. There are so many service which would shorten a long url for you. Here is a tool which would shorten a URL with ubiquity using service.

Aren’t you using ubiquity? believe me it’s so fresking cool & very productive. learn more here. Get ubiquity here.

And is the url shortner I love. It gives one of shortest URLs & it sounds cool. That’s all.

Why my own command?
Just because I couldn’t find a ubiquity command on big web & still I love There are so many url shortener ubiquity commands out there. There’s the built in tinyurl command in ubiquity & a command supports multiple services. But I <3 my command :).

Make sure you have ubiquity & click following link, Ubiquity will install it for you.

Subscribe to trim ubiquity command here.

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