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Hope everyone can remember the earlier comments from Sony about netbooks. Sony said that netbooks (or UMPCs -Ultra Mobile PCs) market is a negative impact on notebook market.

Mike Abary, Sony’s US SVP of IT Products Division said to engadget that the trend of netbooks is “a race to the bottom.
” if consumer expectations begins to weigh too heavily toward the $300 end of PCs, he believes that kind of consumer adoption would have a profoundly negative impact on the industry, referring to its effect as “a race to the bottom.”

Sony UK Vaio head Nicolas Barendson Added to that in last december with a simillar idea. liliputing reports it like this, quoting zdnet interview with Mr.Barendson.

He says all of the 7 to 10 inch notebooks available today are kind of “in-between” propositions for consumers, since they’re too large to fit in your pocket but still much smaller than full sized laptops.

That’s absolutely true. But he’s wrong in making the leap from there to the idea that consumers aren’t happy with the mini-laptops available today.

(However in September 2008, few months before Mr.Barendsons thoughts Mr.Abary said something different.)

But the time is changed. Sony announced a very ‘sexy’ *NOTEBOOK* at CES(Consumer Electronics Show). I won’t make any conclusions. You just check PCworld news on Sony Vaio P, an Intel atom powered 8.9 inch, *NOTEBOOK* (as they call it) weighing 694 grams with a price tag around 900 USD, and share your ‘conclusion’.

Sony Vaio P

Sony Vaio P

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