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Twitter enhancements: Retweet this is a Greasemonkey script which adds a retweet function to your Twitter page.

Original script:

Shows a retweet image at each of message of Twitter pages (your twitter home or some others twitter page). Once you click it opens up a new page/tab with Retweet message in textbox.

retweet preview

New improved script:

Only open a new tab/window if you are not in your twitter home. If you are in your twitter home, the retweet message will be loaded in to the text box in same window/tab.

The author of original script is ziru. Big thanks to him for making this great script. And many thanks to vinces1979 for helping to get this working. I post it here because I do not have any way of updating the original code or even comment on page. Hope you enjoy this.

> Twitter enhancements: Retweet this *improved* <

How to use Greasemonkey scripts? Find here

Future plans:

There’s another edition of this script which uses jQuery (enhanced by Carl Furrow) to avoid postback in loading Retweet to textbox. Unfortunately that script can ONLY retweet from ones twitter home page. I’m working on it to add the ability of retweeting from anywhere on twitter :). just stay tuned or code it yourself ;).


  1. cool stuff.

  2. Hey Chanux,

    I’ve updated the script once again to include retweets on any page, like you mentioned:

    It’s not perfect, but, it’s in a working stage right now.

  3. I put the script out on

  4. Thanks for this. The retweet button is exactly what I needed. :)

  5. Hi,

    Thanks a lot for this script, it has been working great for me for a while, but now seems broken (because of all the Twitter updates?).
    Twitter now always redirects me to If I do a Retweet while being there, the script adds “RT @timeline/home:” instead of the Twitter name of the person who posted the original tweet.
    It still works if I’m at someone else’s time line though.

  6. @Pierre
    Thanks for comments.
    I’ll check what’s up when I find time. But I recommend checking the original script. My improvements are now added to the original script :)

  7. I feel like a complete noob now. Sorry, should have gone to the original script. That one has received a fix so that it works again. Still, thanks for the enhancement, makes sense not to open new tab if not needed. :-)

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