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Ok here comes early fruits of my dialog experience. You already know that I had too much of connection drops lately. The story is changed now. I don’t have that much of connection drops. NO I don’t have good connectivity either :P . I have this new problem. I get the bogus DNS address & assigned in err… every 10-15 minutes, or even less. Ah I have stats I guess :)

uptime – 1hr32mins
Connection dropouts 2
bogus DNS allocations – 15

This is at the time I checked. After that things turned even worse. I use OpenDNS since I’m not happy with Dialogs nameservers (Unfortunately I can’t use all the features of Open DNS coz Dialog don’t give us at least a dynamic unique IP). But since these annoying DNS allocations I had to manually set OpenDNS settings all the time. For that I wrote following bash script. This was so quick & is so dirty. And this might not be the best way to do that.

create a file called /etc/resolv.conf.odns & put OpenDNS settings in it.


And then put following code in, chmod 755 it  & run (as super user).


## Override Dialogs fucking DNS settings with OpenDNS settings.

while true ; do
 cp /etc/resolv.conf.odns /etc/resolv.conf
 sleep 45

To get rid of this you have to press Ctrl-C , since it’s in an infinite loop.
That’s how I make the future less shitty, for now. I said that because Dialog says The Future. Today. Today is shitty, I fix it means I fix future ;) .


  1. can’t you do something with the DHCP client settings?. i think you can set some options so it will not set your DNS servers, but will only take the IP, gateway… etc. if possible that might be a less “shitty” way of “making future a bit less shitty”


    • yasith,
      Yeas I did it the DHCP way but failed since /etc/resolv.conf is set by wvdial, the tool I use to dial. Checked wvdials man page but still didn’t find any helpful info. I’d definitely look for something better :)

  2. Why don’t you install either dnsmasq or dnscache. I have been using dnscache on my machine for a long long time and it’s really the only way to cope with Lanka Bell’s and Dialog’s lousy DNS servers.

    With DNS Cache running many of my dns queries take just 1 millisecond as opposed to 1 second that you normally get with dialog or bell.

  3. @e4c5
    Never realized it’s possible to use dnsmasq/dnscache in my case. Thanks for info.

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