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I am really good at procrastinating, I forget little things so easily, I have N.A.D.D and I work on specific projects. So in order to make my life a liiitle bit hassle free, I was looking for a ToDo manager tool. First I found Tiddlybackpack which had a dead simple interface but unfortunatley didn’t work with Firefox on Gnu/Linux. Then I found MonkeyGTD which looked too complex for my needs & then I checked tiddlydu2. However what I use now is GTDTiddlyWiki which is even simpler. It’s not as simple as tiddlybackpack but it’s a decent GTD tool which would fit anyones needs. May be you have already realized that these tools are based on tiddlywiki.

Yes you have to learn a bit before you start to actually use any Tiddly based GTD/ToDo tool. I found a good guide here.

You only have to download one single .html file to start working with any of those tiddly GTD tools. Once you save the .html file to somewhere on your computer just open it & start managing your todos. You can put it on a flash drive & take it anywhere with you. Or you can put it in your email account as an attachment. You can put it on your web server too. But hey… what I do is way cooler 8)  . I ‘drop it like it’s hot’ :D .

I use this cool tool Dropbox to sync my GTD/ToDo list. I put all my GTD/Todo stuff in to one directory called GTD and just created a symlink from Dropbox directory to GTD. tada. that’s all. [for now I have all the GTD tools I mentioned before]. Heres how to create the symlink.

$ ln -s -T /path/to/GTD/directory ~/Dropbox/GTD  [Read man page of ln or check here.]

(You can still put GTD tools in Dropbox directory itself. But you know I’m mad :) )

Now I can use my todo list when I’m offline, Dropbox will sync it for me with the dropbox on web when I’m online. So that I can use my todo manager from anywhere through Dropbox web interface. (for that you have to untick “Hide editing features when viewed over HTTP” option in advanced options).

Though I haven’t actually tried yet, Dropbox can sync through multiple computers too :) and it means you can have your todo list on Your Desktop computer, laptop or office computer, so easily sinced . And also I can share my files with friends trogh Dropbox, todo list can be shared too ;) .

Hope you make your life more manged with thses tools. Here goes the ‘cherry on top’, “Make your GTDTiddlyWiki your hompage”.

PS: If you wonder what GTD stands for, it’s Get Things Done :) .

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  1. This is a great idea. I will have to try it out.

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