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May be you’ve got it right. I meant Digg gossip. This is something I somewhere on Freenode. It’s all about how few geeks think about Digg. All nicks are replaced with x,y,z since I don’t have any right to publish them.digg

17:55 < yyyyyyyyyy> xxxxxx: my favorite is definitely hacker news

18:01 <@xxxxxx> yyyyyyyyyy: looks a lot like reddit
18:01 <@xxxxxx> UI wise
18:02 < yyyyyyyyyy> ya i’m thinking thats so the actual page can be an rss
18:03 < yyyyyyyyyy> digg lost its tech focus so i also decided to switch
18:04 <@xxxxxx> well digg sold out
18:05 <@xxxxxx> the founders are now very rich people
18:05 <@xxxxxx> they probably don’t give a shit about the site any more, and read whatever they want
18:05 <@xxxxxx> laughing all the way to the bank
18:05 < yyyyyyyyyy> a la kevin rose heh
18:05 <@xxxxxx> kevin rose

18:07 < yyyyyyyyyy> the idea of the new engine that a diverse set of people need to digg something is dumb imo and i think ruined the site
18:08 < yyyyyyyyyy> you end up with all funny/bash articles

18:09 < chanux_> keep digg.txt
18:10 < zzzzzzz> u still have slashdot imo
18:10 < chanux_> sorry :P

Here I’ve mistakenly typed in “keep digg.txt”. /keep is the alias for dumping the chatlog in to a file ;)


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