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Yes Everyone knows that I have a Dialog HSPA connection. OK I must say that I’m experiencing the ‘goodness’ of Dialog ISP services. At a time I dropped connection (which is very familiar to me :P ) I came up with this idea for a new commercial for Dialog.

Dialog: Where faults are defaults & you don’t have any options.

I thought of sharing this because dialog can make a good advertisement with this, Or drop “The Future. Today” for this :P .

Thank you Dialog :P .


  1. posted a response on Dialog Blogs.

    I’ve had connection timeouts bad before, but not on Dialog HSPA. Send me a mail with your number and the locations you’re having trouble and I’ll get the network guys to look at it.

    If you think it might be a hardware issue, drop by DBN at Access Towers before two on Saturday, I’ll give you a name of a fellow there, they’re very helpful.

    There’s a lot of links in the chain, but I’ll get someone to help you troubleshoot.

  2. @indi
    Thank you very much for trying to help. Your attempt to support all ‘D’ related problems are very much appreciated. I don’t say you it’s the best, but it’s a good approach.

  3. I’m tired of these Dialog ppl.. Gonna be a murderer sooon!!!
    you wait and see :D

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  2. […] Apart from these technical issues, we have problems with billing information + usage counters. Considerable numbers of my friends are having problems with their broadband bill even with zero usage. One of my friends got an almost double valued bill for last month. Dialog telling that it was a mistake but now I have noticed that they do the same mistake again and again for considerable number of users. Added to that, they add your first 2 bills together and make you confused for the first month. I called their customer care unit and asked how to check usage online, they said me to register and check the detail bill. I did that but I didn’t find units I consumed on that detailed bill(actually their online method is not working). Because of all these, they better start new hotlines for these issues in their customer care unit and this is the time to change their motto too. Here is a suggestion. […]

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