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At the moment I post this, mumbai is still on fire & Twitterverse is hot.

The fear & disgust of mumbai terrorist activities are still haunting in minds of people who were interested. Terrorism should be kicked out of this universe. I said that just to keep the tradition. Terrorism is here to stay, forever. Just because world is never gonna stop producing idiots. period.

Why I blog on this topic? Because I also ‘engaged’ in conversation. And also I had a chance to involve in, react to & communicate with the rest of the world who were busy with making things a liiitle bit better using IT. And I’m going to key in my experiences, ideas on mumbai incident.

First of all I should thank Twitter for being the *BEST* news provider of Mumbai incident. Yes it’s all done by users but being the platform is more than great. People asked for help, gave help, arranged things, shared ideas, gathered info using twitter. Twitter search channel for #mumbai hashtag was really busy. I was refreshing the twitter search page for a long time trieng to give my 2 cents for the effort of making things a bit better. I found this site through #mumbai twitter channel which helped me to stay updated so easily.

By the time I joined the channel, I found lots of people posting useful helpline numbers on the channel. Many were asking for the numbers too. When watching things go..err…fly I got this idea, getting all the numbers in one list. Yes was too lazy to collect those and put together. Instead I did this. Created a Twitter search URL which would list all help line numbers people posted on twitter. (I didn’t like people posting same thing again & again & stuffing the list).

Later people came up with several other sites/blogs which provided help line numbers & other help details in one place. There was a wiki page also. It was really nice to see people gather & do stuff online to help people in need. mumbaihelp is one blog & helpmumbai is another. I’m happy that even I could help in those efforts in some way. I tweeted with @dina & @shonali while things go on.

@vinu is known to be the one with most mumbai incident photos on flickr. And those photos were reported to be posted somewhere else without authors permission.

Amongst different news, there were tweets saying that Indian govt. demanding #mumbai channel to be closed, because there was the possibility for terrorists picking clues through tweets.

What happened was really unpleasant. But It was really a good experience collaborating online, in order to do some good in a very bad situation.

I wish fast recovery to mumbai & everyone hurt, Peace to the world…someday.

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