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Though it’s old news for my Twitter friends, it’s just 10 days for today, me being online with HSDPA broadband internet. The lucky (or perhaps unlucky) service provider is Dialog. Booooo! you’ll say. Yes I know, Dialog broadband has collected really bad PR over the time. Number of bad comments about them are rising to the sky. But I didn’t come across any of them before I bought this. Maybe I was blind to those things. And most importantly ‘I regret nothing’.

Dialogs University students package seemed to be a good deal for me at the time. My friend ceevee switched to it from Mobitel & my best bud seejay too bought one. And few millions of calculations convinced me that I can manage to pay for food & travel while I pay for Internet :) . And I finally got one.

The second day I bought this was a nightmare. The speed was even worse than dialup. I couldn’t do anything useful with the connection. I thought my money is just gone. However things turned a wee bit good in night.

When I’m on a 3G broadband network (when modem Huawei E220 indicator shows lite blue) I got following speeds.

Dialog HSPA connection info

Dialog HSPA connection info

Dialog HSPA connection info

Dialog HSPA connection info

On normal GPRS signals (when modem Huawei E220 indicator shows lite green) I experience speeds better than dial up speeds. However my experience for this short time is that when errors come it doesn’t matter which color my modem indicates. Even on 3G broadband network… It simply sucks.

However I should tell this. Whenever I really needed the connection It was with me. And I think I shouldn’t complain for the not-very-good experience comes with GPRS speeds. In the last GNU/Linux event we did in Tangalle, I downloaded all needed packages for ubuntu through my connection because that school did not have Internet. I know it’s not actually unlimited but relative to other broadband connection it’s still the match for me.

People say Dialog is lying customers saying that their HSPA connection is a 7.2 Mbps link. It’s obvious that they don’t have 7.2 on their whole network. And wherever they have 7.2, I’m more than happy to find a user who can get evidence for 4+ Mbps speed. Back to the topic, Huawei modem supports 7.2Mbps speed & Dialog MAY have cells supporting the very speed but it never mean that the end user is getting 7.2 speed. So I ignore Dialogs advertising bullshit. You too better understand that Reality & advertisements are like rails. It’s too early to talk about billing errors since I didn’t get any (bills) yet.

Dialog connection is really unstable. I have problems with Gtalk/pidgin & kopete, which I suspect, occurs due to this. I get so much DNS errors. Sometimes I get the bogus DNS address from Dialog. I sometimes put Open DNS DNS addresses in my /etc/resolv.conf , but I need to switch to open DNS completely & that needs some time & effort to make things easier (Since I use GNU/Linux).

And also I had problems updating the package list on ubuntu (apt-get update). Mr.accident, Suchetha figured out that I am behind a transparent proxy & so I have to use following line of code whenever I want to update my package list. And I still have to find out what else go wrong thanx to this proxy.

aptitude update -o Acquire::http::No-Cache=True

And people keep an eye on this, because whenever you get a problem, this transparent proxy might be the problem. And It has the potential of creating even worse problems in future too. Please take a note on that.

And I heard Bit torrent is quite a pain on Dialog HSPA & my friend CeeVee has the solution here.

I’m looking forward to have a good connection from Dialog. I really love mobile broadband since I am on the move most of the time. If D fail to serve me well…then I have think of what to do next. But *for now* I don’t have big flames on Dialog. Hope they won’t CREATE any.

PS: Dialog HSPA lacks an online usage tracker. It would be great if they can provide a control panel kinda thing. Geeks/ OS junkies/ Web junies will love it alot.


  1. actually i have asked about the maximum speed of Dialog HSDPA connection before i bought it. they said that it’ll be maximum of 3.6mbps for this package.but i have never got more than 1.4mbps for speed tests even in 100% signal strength. 7.2mbps is a total different story they have that package but the rental is pretty high.

  2. Last 3 dayz my speed has gone down to 10 KBps. I called their Customer support and they registered a complain for me.

    Later a guy called me and checked. From his perspective, number of users have gone up in my area (Kotahena), thatz why the speed has gone down.

    He said he’ll notify planning dept about this issue, but still I have that problem.

    I have this big question. Mobitel has introduced this HSPDA but they didn’t give this unlimited package even now. they are loosing their potential mobile broadband customers as Dialog is breaking into the market.

  3. Great to see your comments on Dialog HSPA. I understand that the experience wasn’t the greatest, but I hope it’s more positive than negative. If you continue to have issues, drop a comment on our blog post :

    HSPA Issues: Open Thread

  4. @mayooresan
    Hope you are worried coz you had 10 kbps, not 10KBps :D

    No worries man. I have no problem blaming Dialog if it’s doing wrong. But I can’t blame D without a reason. :D . Your attempt to give online help is great, You have to make sure it actually helps other than trying to cover your faults. Good luck.

  5. i’m also going to get a dialog student package, but i want to know more about it. anybody can help me, if dialog is not good. so what i should got. mobitel,airtel? plz help me guys………….

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  1. […] This is not the first time Dialog Telekom has attempted to beguile customers through misleading advertising. My own experience with the company in the past suggests marketing strategies significantly anchored to misinformation, tellingly acknowledged by its own employees.  Furthermore, independent think-tank Lirneasia has repeatedly exposed the great divide between promise and reality when it comes to wireless broadband from Sri Lankan telcos. My own office has three Dialog HSPA accounts and the network throughput on all of them even in metropolitan Colombo is pathetic. Repeated calls to Dialog were unable to resolve the pissant throughput that mirrors the experience of this blogger. […]

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