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If you are a Sri Lankan Twitter user Please consider following lktweets .



The idea behind lktweets is to gather all sri lankan tweets at one place. This might sound funny or dumb but there’s something in depth which makes me feel that doing this would help the community, someway or other. Or we’d have some fun with that. Or at least we’d have something to …err forget about :D .

The Idea came right after reading and processing this post listing Top 10 lankan twitter users. (Yes I was there *fortunately*). The list didn’t have @geekaholic which is impossible ( @geekaholic had a twitter grade of 74 when I checked ). So I ‘examined’ things into bit deeper & figured out that twitter grader is not a good way to find top Twitter users because it has given too much weight on recent updates ( & some other alien facts) in it’s algorithm (No I didn’t reverse engineer ;) ). And then I wanted to check on all Sri Lankan Twitter users. Checked out Twitter API & finally got the idea of lktweets.

So If you feel like following lktweets, hurry up. And if you have any idea what we can do with it, feel free to share in comments.

Happy Tweeting!


  1. checked that top 10 list
    luckily 3 from them reading my blog
    i am following two of them .
    i am new to twitter(introduced chanux)
    but i believe that @geekaholic should be there as he is more active as chanux

  2. Good idea mate, let’s see how we can improve this.


  3. Good idea mat! go ahead

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