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Okay here I am again on HP mini. This time about Ubuntu on HP mini note. Not that I’m trying to flaunt my mini note but this post comes because there was a request. Anyway let me go on.

Installing Ubuntu on HP mini note
Installing ubuntu or anything on HP mini note is not going to be a problem since I bought an external DVD R/W drive along with mini. Even if you don’t have one you can still install Ubuntu (or technically any GNU/Linux distro) with pendrive Linux, or some other way. However I have things far easier here. If you have an external drive plug it, switch on the mini, press F9 & choose optical drive.
And all other details/guidelines you need to get Ubuntu working fine on mini are found here on Ubuntu wiki. (I don’t want to add garbage to internet ;) ).

There are some issues I faced which were not mentioned on above resource. So I’m going to discuss them here.

When I boot Ubuntu live CD on my mini, at somestage I lost everything for white screen. I was lucky to have gadget guru geekaholic around & he came up with the solution. I’ll list the steps down as if I invented it :evil: .

Press Alt+Ctrl+F2 to go to somewhere(a virtual console) you can rule. And type the following.

$ sudo -s

$ nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf
or use vi or any available text editor of your choice.

Look for something like following.

section        “Device”
something    “something else”

You have to add

driver        “vesa”

finally it will look like

section        “Device”
something    “something else”
driver        “vesa”

Now save the modifications (Ctrl+O, enter, Ctrl+x on nano & Shift+:, wq, enter on vi).

Now press Alt+Ctrl+F7 to find that white screen again. And restart X server pressing Alt+Ctrl+Backspace

Now you’ll see ubuntu again, If you are lucky ;).

Before You start installing You better read above mentioned howto.

The rest is for you to do. Happy installing.

How is Ubuntu on HP mini?

Once I installed & got everything working on my ubuntu installation I started doing all my stuff with it & I never felt that this machine has any limitations. Ubuntu runs very well on HP mini. So far HP mini, Ubuntu duo treats me far better than any of earlier primary machines (desktops).

I didn’t try to get 3D support on, so no compiz I candy yet. And also I couldn’t do the hack for CPU scaling, but I have plans to try it once I finish my exams. It’ll help reduce the heat & increase battery life. That’s why I wanted you to read that howto, before you install ubuntu on mini. That howto has steps to get CPU scaling enabled & it starts with the installation process. And 2nd tip of this post of ubuntu kung fu will help to actually work it out once you get CPU scaling on.

Conclusion: My completely biased Idea is that “a GNU/Linux distro is the best OS option for any netbook including HP 2133 mini note :) “.


  1. Hey

    dis is a grt post.!
    add some screen shots as well if u can.
    How is the performance of eclipse or netbeans in mininote?
    Will everything go smooth, when multiple programs r running?
    (eg: netbeans, firefox, and a media player wil b mor dan enough)
    I’d luv 2 know cz im hoping to own one myself.

    Wish ya safe surfin

  2. Dude HP do not recommend putting Unix based systems to there branded machines. Beware

  3. I had to comment this because of Pakudasami’s comment. Hilarious! Beware of linux! HP says not to, so you should not! It has demons in it!

    Listen Pack, relax, sit back, download a Linux Mint 6 iso (polished Ubuntu) and burn it to a cd, pop it in and just follow the dummy proof steps. Prepare to be amazed at the simplicity. I have 6 old hp laptops, that run like freaks of technology doing all sorts of crazy graphics/user interface features (compiz) that my friends with new toshiba’s that run xp’s with viruses are drooling over.

    Just try it and don’t trust the corporations.

  4. Is that pak guy serious? Must be at HP’s call center or something.

    In any case, just put 8.10 on my DV4 1120us, it installed without any issues whatsoever and even found my wireless broadband card (the connection from which i am posting). So not only is it a viable option for the Mini, I’m going into the office tomorrow to see how it handles our Win domain.

    That pak guy, what a moran. I’m also running Vista Home Premium 64 and Windows 7 beta. Not surprisingly Linux and Win7 are faster than the OS installed/recommended by HP.

  5. @everyone
    Guys just ignore FUD. If HP comes & try to sue me for installing GNU/Linux I’ll happily go in. The whole community will fight for me & I’ll be a star in a night. There’s a guy who’ve got a refund from HP for Vista

  6. and watch my pc burn alive…no way tambila

  7. Dude HP do not recommend putting Unix based systems to there branded machines. Beware

    what , is that correct ?
    however give up me the source link , so then I can read it also and get a good background knowledge.

    great post , this really helpfull.

  8. Yo Pak-Man, where’z the link!!!

    BuLL – S***

    Enjoy Linux Everyone

  9. TROLL…

  10. in fact my HP Mini came with Suse Linux pre installed. so all these HP do not recommend putting linux is nothing but total BS.

  11. Hey all, I’m trying to fix some problems with this notebook on Kubuntu Netbook Remix v10 (lucid lynx)…

    If anyone wants to help out, please email me… desperate to get these last few bugs fixed.

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