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I have been with my HP mini note nearly for a week. I hope I’m ready to put out the first thoughts.

As I mentioned earlier, I wiped out Windows Vista came with the machine right after I got hands on this. Few of my friends called me an idiot for doing that. Well.. I’m an idiot because I paid microsoft. However I never regret what I did. Never..ever…

After wiping out bad vista, I installed Ubuntu on this machine & the second day I got everything work smoothly on this & I was ready to rock. Now I have to actually use this. Let’s see how things went.

First things first. The screen. Yes it’s small, just 8.9 inches. But the great screen resolution 1280X768 makes things better on this small screen & once your mind detect it as the default everything will be fine. That’s what happened to me. After two three days you’ll find other notebook screens look as big as the sky :D . On ubuntu I installed VGA drivers (from via) but still it doesn’t seem handling 3D support or I’m not worrying about it much. However I didn’t have any problems with “vesa” driver, it just worked well for me. Someday I’ll check on 3D, by the way.

Okay, the key board. HP mini note boasts of a key board which is 92% normal size & I feel really convenient with it. Unlike some other note books I have come across, this one has placed the keys in right places. I can’t explain that, however.

Next comes touch pad & click buttons. The touch pad performs very well for me. I have no complains. The touch pad deactivate button comes in use rarely (for me) but I’m happy to have that. And about weirdly placed click buttons (as most people call them), honestly I have no problems with them. I kind of rarely use them & whenever I use them I feel like they are perfectly placed. I can’t explain that too.

About the sounds, I think HP mini note has very good sound but I’m not sure whether I’m right since I’m not a big fan of good sound. It’s just more than enough for this weirdo.

This machine is supposed to be an Ultra Mobile PC. However the battery life which I blieve is something around 2 hours (I got 3cell battery) is not very good as an UMPC. But for this short period of usage I didn’t find it difficult to live with it’s battery life. But more battery life will never be too much.

I think I don’t have to talk about RAM since it has 2 Gigs of them. I don’t know much & don’t have enough experience to talk about hard disk performance. It’s 160GB/7200rpm. However actually it has only 143.3GB. I really don’t like the “Giga Byte” which hardware vendors talk about.

The processor I have here is “VIA C7M ULV 1200 MHz”.
$cat /proc/cpuinfo says cpu MHz: 1197.030 , cache size: 128KB. Even though it’s relatively low powered I didn’t experience any slow downs with GNU/Linux. I even did some lite weight graphic editing stuff with GIMP & didn’t face any slow downs. And also I had to run widows XP & MSDN to do some ASP.NET (for educational purposes only :) ) & things went fine there too.(Yes this machine comes with vista. It means you can run pretty much anything on this ;) ).

I’m coming to the end & it’s getting hot. The heat is considerably high. You won’t be able to keep it on your lap from start to end until the battery run out. There’s a moment that you have to take your hands off the thing. Since the machine is small and alluminium is all around the heat goes everywhere so easily. Some one who has plans to keep the machine on lap all the time should NEVER buy HP mini note unless HP come up with a cooler version.

Apart from all that the sleek,sexy cute design makes any one look twice at it. There were few *very random* people who came to me & ask about the machine. And most of my friends came to it saying “Wow….cooool!”. And one said “Man it’s seriously cool”.

Conclusion — Apart from the *heat* factor hp mini note is a great machine & a *Wow* factor too.


  1. hey. actually how is ubuntu?
    interface wise and as an operating system

  2. Well I had plans to cover that topic separately. And since there is one request I’ll do it. And will make it quick :) .

  3. hi congrts on your new baby! :D how much was it? and where did you buy it from (in SL…)?

  4. @rettwit
    Thanx dude. Bought it from SL. For around 80K.

  5. common man…. where are the pics? :-)

  6. @Dhanu
    It’s all because I’m always on the run & feel lazy to upload photos. But since ask me I’ll *TRY* to get few online :) .

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