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Finally I’m keying in a blog post from my own notebook…err…sorry netbook :). I really notebooks but I never thought I’d ever buy a one. However these cutees came to Sri lnakan market at the right time. First I saw Acer Aspire One at SLIIT FOSS-CN event. I kinda fell in love with the thing since we were talking of them all the time in our podcast.

Then I found HP mini note which was also so lovely I really wanted buy one. The specs were smashing apart from the VIA 1.2GHz processor. Fear Uncertainty & doubt always kept switching my mind between ordinary notebook & the netbook. Thanks to my friend Seejay & Gadget guru Geekaholic I finally settled in HP mini note.

Both bud(Geekaholic) & seejay were with me when I buy this cutee making things a lot easier & fun at the same time. It was a nice evening at UCSC net admin room (I think I’m right) wiping out the original licensed copy of Windows Vista (Sorry Windows folks :) ) & installing Ubiquitous Ubuntu GNU/Linux with  plenty of gadget lovers & geeks around.

It was a piece of cake making everything right with Ubuntu, thanks to this tutuorial. Finally I have this cutee up & running with myself happy & smiling (that was just to rhyme ;) ).

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