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You want to show your readers that you are available to share Ideas? And you didn’t know how to? Here’s the short & (may be) sweet or either simple how to for that.

1. Go and register for the AOL dev account at
2. Find Your AIM presence HTML code at AIM presence page.

1.Go to Gtalk badge generation page.
2.You will find out what to do there.

NOTE: blog users be carefull with the badges with frames. AFAIK don’t allow iframe.

1.Edit Following HTML code.
<span><img border=”0″ height=”12″ width=”12″ src=”/_layouts/images/imnhdr.gif” onload=”IMNRC(‘YOUR_MSN_ID‘)” ShowOfflinePawn=”1″ id=”MSNID1″ />your name</span>

2.Paste it where you want.

1.Edit Following HTML code.

<a href=””>
<img border=0 src=”“></a>

replace YOUR_YAHOO_ID with your yahoo ID (just the user name)

Change t=0 in to any number you like from 0 to 16.

2.Paste it where you want.

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