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Yes I am. Or I was, for some time. Here goes the story which might sound little bit mad & it’s written before the day I post this.

May be this is my 2nd or 3rd blog post of this type. The feeling that I’m exhausted is come in my mind time to time & at that time I badly need a rest. No matter it’s mr.presidets work. I just can’t do it. I’m f***ing exhausted. But the problem is in my life, there are people who have a higher priority than president. If it was just a mere girl friend then I’m happy. But things are worse than that. I got a lot of friends & most of them have so called “High Priority”. And it’s so hard to say NO to them.

Saying NO is a skill. There are not many people who can do that regardless of who the litener is. And I think I’m one of those who find difficult to say NO. But I’m trying and learning to do it with my full effort. But often I fail & it provides the last straw.

To make a long story short & reduce my stress….
Today is a poya day(17.07.2008), and so I’m free at last. It was a loong busy period, my weak memory says it started after my friend geekaholic‘s home coming day(I had one day break before geekaholic’s home coming :P ). The day right after the homecoming, I had a long journey to Ampara & Anuradhapura. I helped Such in GNU/Linux training program there. After that I came to Colombo leaving Such at Wariyapola because I had must do educational stuff (Yes I cut lectures for GNU/Linux event). From that day to the day before yesterday I didn’t have a break enough to relax myself. Lots of stuff to be done in higher education, and another little more for the podcast too. I do all of the above mentioned stuff with pleasure, when I take each one alone. But (to be honest) altogether they drive me nuts.

Plus the phone calls coming endlessly drives me even nuttier. Troubleshooting, Reparing computers, Software installation, All kinds of tech support through phone FOR ZER0 cost…..give me a break….. I can’t fix all f***ing windows problems, I didn’t ceate any viruses, I don’t know how to write Linux drivers for your f***ing hardware…..pleaase leave me alooone.

Whut, you want me to do something for that? come on man I’m not cupid. I am not a hit man either. I’m not a mchine even though I yearn to be one. And I’m not born to fix your problems, I’m homo sapiens man. Please stop getting on my nerves. My mind is going haywire. *BANG* *BANG* between my eyes or that buggers…but that’s far away from truth…aaaaaaaaaaarggghhhh!

I really need a break pal.


  1. Cheer up my friend.. Its something each an every geek will go through in their lives. Been there done that. Its really hard to get over this kinda thing because each an every one is important and of course I understand the fact that you can’t say NO.

    “Sorry, I’m really busy” is a way to overcome this but still it doesn’t help a great deal.
    This is when I bought a T-shirt from ThinkGeek couple of years back.
    As you can see its not a problem that bugs you. It bugs every geek out there.
    But did this T-shirt solve the problem.. No.. I got more jobs.. Arghh.. Face it my friend.. Its a challenge.. Live it ;-)

  2. hehe Cheer up mate ! btw, get some rest. :)

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