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Hmm.. I’m in a blogger block & a super busy period of life. So I thought I better do a blogpost on some random idiot stuff.

How does it look in a ladies wash room?

This has been bothering me every time when I have to open the door with a mans logo.

Would I ever learn to play guitar & learn again to swim?

I wanna learn to play guitar. I wanna swim in that nice way again. But I have no time to practice.

Would I ever stop getting upset seeing nice graphic designs?

Whenever a post of appear in my RSS reader I feel like I wanna learn designing. I hate I suck in graphics.

Would I ever find time to geek all day (again)?

Those old days I slept with my compy….Wow so nice. No I won’t ever get it back. I won’t ever geek the way I want. Higher studies, Social stuff &  some other blah blahs… ooh I hate this.

Would Sri Lanka ever develop?

I got that hunch. The answer will be “NO”.

Would I ever forget those dark stuff without keeping myself super busy?

This is a private thing.

well…this all I get in my mind for now. But I know there are lots more hidden in those brain guts. Perhaps I’ll write a part two for this. wait…. Would I ever write a “Part two” for this post? ;)


  1. heh..nice same here wit the guitar and least ive kindda done wit swimming..only the guitar to go..heh btw nice post..

  2. Don’t worry I will teach u how to play the guitar ;) …
    oh n yea, I’ll also tell u how it looks inside a ladies wash room once I call u :P

  3. LOL! ladies wash room ;-) My poor friend :P

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