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First things first. To watch IPTV from SLT you need to have an SLT ADSL connection with 2MB+ speed. DUH. Means what? The first ever Sri Lankan IPTV experience is gonna have a still birth.

Sri Lanka is on the fast track of technology. Fortunately we get latest technology before most of other countries in the region. Yes, all thanks go to Sri Lankan tech companies. But still there is a problem. The problem we always had as Sri Lankans. Now what is that problem?

We get latest technology but never see upgrades relatively to the growth of market/demand. Companies start up services & abandoned it without any upgrades to the system. Scalability is never a word in their vocabulary. This is what’s wrong with ADSL too. ADSL came & everyday there was a new idiot online. Now there are thousand idiots in a room enough just for hundred. I haven’t ever heard someone saying”SLT ADSL rocks”. Let’s forget that. But still I can’t forgive SLT since I have heard plenty of “SLT ADSL Sucks”. Thank god my Twitter account don’t function well. If not that I’d hear that sucks thing at least once a day.

Oh I was kinda off on a tangent. Back in topic, SLT IPTV depends on ADSL which is already suck. Apparently IPTV is gonna suck from day one. Unless SLT do enough upgrades to meet the demand & give their cutomers a service worth what they pay for. I wish our tech companies make their good work great.


  1. i can say that SLT people are ok. i mean they don’t suck. i have a SLT ADSL con, and what can i say… im a sort of satisfied customer lol!. the only problem i have is, that the connection drops sometimes. and i have to restart the router. which sucks. apart from that they service is pretty good.

  2. IPTV is launched and I cuurently I do own it ,I’m happy to say that the service is superb,afaik UT Starcom has mentioned that SLT can provide upto 100000 IPTV connections from the their current system.well its too early to make a review of the new service,btw we’l hope that the service will be the same in the future.

    good luck SLT

  3. hey chanux..

    man.. don’t speak about something you don’t know..o.k.
    iptv uses only the adsl it doesn’t matter whether you have a 2mbps or 512 line, both connections works the same way..
    learn more about it here..

    • @sinhalakolla
      Seems like you know those things very well :P :P

      They are using same ADSL line, Same bandwidth resources. That was my clear idea. I was just predicting. SLT always can make things better, if they want (as they should). I dunno if they’ve done that yet.

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