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Here I came up with part two of “Use Portable Firefox profile with GNU/Linux“(Now I feel ashamed for calling it a hack. Sorry fellas for calling it a hack :D ). This time it’s a shell script which would let you jump between default Firefox porfile & your own Portable Firefox profile which is going to live on your flash drive.

To use it you have to download fp.tar.gz & extract. There are two files in fp directory, one is which is the script & the other is profiles.ini which the script uses in the switching process. Those files are made to be together :). (You need Portable Firefox)

You have to edit path= Line in profiles.ini file. Add the path to your Portable firefox profile & run the script. It works for me & I hope it would work for you too.


Known issues:

  • The Extension versions you use may conflict with the Firefox version on the host machine.
  • You won’t take the plugins (ex: Flash, Java) with you(I’m still tryiing to figure out a way to make it happen).
  • You’ll have to obey the proxy settings of the host machine.
  • You may have to change file permissions [ $ chmod 755 /path_to_script ]
  • In worse case you may have to copy fp folder to host machine.
  • In worst case you may not have enough rights to run shell scripts :( .

known bugs:
When I run this in fedora core 6 I don’t get the functionality for identifying whether Firefox is running when setting/unsetting Portable profile. I couldn’t figure out that little bug yet.

The day before I write this script I was a total idiot of shell scripting. I just read the manuals(Some bash howtos) & wrote it. So you won’t see any cool/advanced tricks in this script.


It will be more helpful if you read the part 1 of this(Link at top of this post).

I didn’t check this with Firefox 3. (There’s one who use this on Ubuntu hardy with Firefox 3.0)

You don’t need to have Portable Firefox for this. Just having your Firefox profile is enough (If you like it that way :) ).

Big red disclaimer:
Dumb me & all my dumb friends did this & it works just fine. If you are dumber enough to get problems with this just don’t try this or any kind of hacks. Any kind of a damage you do to your system trying this script happens only because you are an extreme fool. SO don’t blame me. Go infront of a mirror instead. :twisted:


  1. u have been tagged :P n im sorry for tagging u ;)

  2. I must be quite dumb because I cannot get this to work. Although, I am a linux “newbie,” drawn to this greater OS by Ubuntu.

  3. Thanks a lot Chanux! :)
    I ‘m using this script with Ubuntu 8.04 and it makes me really happy. I now can use my portable firefox 3 profile in Windows at work, and my Ubuntu at home. Anybody knows if something similar can be done for using Thunderbird portable?

  4. @GB
    Now I’m paid for my effort. The satisfaction that another earth creature is using my work. Thanks for letting know. That’s fuel for thought. will check Thunderbird if I ever find time. Or why doncha try yourself for a change ;)

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