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For me Ubuntu is Linux *even* for idiots, not Linux for human beings. I do not hate Ubuntu. It’s an all time great GNU/Linux distribution. It’s only fault is not mentioning GNU. No I can’t see it on CD covers or anywhere. Maybe it’s there on a very small font size.

Yes I know Mark Shuttleworth is in GNU’s side & I’m pretty sure that he has never imagined that the mistake of not mentioning GNU would go this far. Ubuntu is ubiquitous & that’s very good. that’s very good if everyone who gets hands on it also get to know that it’s there because of the “freedom”. The freedom which Linux(the kernel) gives us. The freedom the GNU gave life to.

In my humble opinion Linux (Let’s call it just Linux for now) has come so far only because of so called freedom. Even Unix is great. The only problem with it is “it’s. just. not. free. Like GNU/Linux” So make it clear now that Linux they are quarreling that should ever remain just Linux, is there for them because the freedom & that freedom came with GNU. Is that clear enough?

In case of Ubuntu, the problem with Ubuntu as I see is it’s promising to be idiot friendly. Thanx to that effort, the Window$ fanbois who are inspired by dumped away hacking tuts & dumb hacking films & want to use Linux(They don’t know it’s Gnu/Linux) are having the chance of using it the idiot way they like. That’s the main problem with ubuntu..oh I’m extremely sorry..It’s not the fault of’s the fault of those idiots who desperately wanted to use *Linux*…somehow. So called idiots don’t know how that heavenly ease has come to them. They don’t know that it is there thanks to not only GUI but also hundreds of GNU tools lying under the beauty.

Ubuntu comes Free of charge thanks to the freedom I mentioned before & hell yeah thanks to mark shuttleworths brilliant dedication. Those windows & Mac users(not necessarily fanbois) who knows money is precious, come to Ubuntu because it’s great & free with hell a lot of advantages than their former OSs. But they don’t know why & how Ubuntu came free.

What I wanted to mention here is that Ubuntu had to mention GNU somewhere which every Ubuntu user would see. Then every one gets to know how Ubuntu came to their desktop. Maybe the users won’t ever think why GNU is there. But now there’s nothing wrong with Ubuntu at least.

Again I say Ubuntu is great. No wonder Donald E. Knuth is also using Ubuntu (No wonder those idiots don’t know who is Knuth). But why the hell I raise finger only at Ubuntu? No I’m not. All the Linux distros who use GNU to make it really an OS & do not mention GNU, should have a finger raised at them :evil: . Ubuntu is special because it’s ubiquitous. Just that.

If someone desperately want to use just Linux & s(he) hates GNU, there’s always another way. Try kicking off all GNU stuff. And. Have. FUN. ROTFL

Let me conclude. GNU is great, Linux is Great, Ubuntu is great. And so Ubuntu GNU/Linux is Great :).

(And recently I heard of Ubuntu fans who don’t hate windows. Yes they had mentioned it so bold. We GNU/Linux lovers too don’t hate Windows. We just know/believe it’s not the best OS out there. Just not the reason of those idiot fanbois)


  1. another siraj in the making? :D

  2. @rettwit
    Another siraj? .. me?… I dunno …. ;)

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