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It’s like the whole world has gone atwitter. At least I am feeling so as a net addict. Everyone ‘I feel like wanna know of’ are just a tweet away. And it’s not just that…

Some people use it to get NEWS. There are lot of giant & famous NEWS providers who do twitter. So it’s easy to “know your world” or may be universe. Since Twitter comes even on to your mobile phone NEWS is just a matter of a tweet.

Some people use it as a markweting device. Since it helps to inform your followers by just a matter of a tweet, it’s so easy & productive to use twitter for marketing.

Some people use it to share ideas & news. This work great in a community who think alike. Personally I feel the greatness of this. All my friends who love Gnu/Linux & Free Software share ideas & news, hacks or anything tweetable on my Twitter network. Even if one of us are in a problem tweeting help! works greater than shouting Heeelpppp!!!.

Some people use it as a stress reducer or let me call it a “pain killer”. If you feel like the “world is on your shoulders” Tweeting out aloud might help reduce the burden. I’ve personally done that & I know lot of people who use Twitter mostly for that very reason :) . The reason why it actually works is because people who care about you are gonna read it & your mind knows that. Sometimes, someone out of those people will feel kind enough to reply you, then you’ll see “words from heaven”, not Twitter.

And some people use it as an IM platform :P . Yes I lie not. There are people who chat via Twitter. We can say it’s twitter if they use @messages to replay. But when they just converse sending tweets back & forth it’s an IM platform. I personally have problems with 250 dvice updates/week thanx to this IM thing. This is the latest thing that makes Twitter a swiss army knife of communication.

This is only a very short list of various usage of Twitter. I’m sure you have your own benefits of using Twitter. I wrote all this to say that “Twitter is really actually a Social networking platform”.
Thank you so much Twitter for keeping my life atwitter.

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