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It’s gone. That f*cking day which all businessmen waiting till come, has gone. February 14th is gone at least for another year.

For people who thought it’s the day you have to show love, all I have is a big long :P . What made you think that day is damn so special? It’s just an artificially made high of your pinkifying hormone flow. Believe me friends Love is something this world needs, not you or me. You have no control over it. The Hormone floods which are controlled by nature is the only reason we fall in love. Actually you never fall in love. You are kicked in to it.

I know there is lots of fun in so called love. You feel like world is yours, You see gardens of roses around you & the other character. You feel like flying, You feel like you are in heaven but the sad thing is it’s only until….

Until you start to see problems. The nature which kicked you in to love, has created something called problems. Once you get problems you start to feel like that world you owned is full of volcanoes, The garden you guys were in is also had thorns hidden under it’s beauty, You feel like your wings are cut & you can’t fly even in dreams & finally it was the hell painted like heaven. Now you understand everything, but….

But you can’t ever get out of this hell. Because you still don’t have control over it & please don’t dream of a day which you would. “You ate poison just because it was sweet”. Now suffer my dear, like all the other earth men (& women too). Let me suggest something….

Something you can do to pretend yourself that you are not in hell. Think that problems are damn natural. And as a human being, a real homo spiens with a straight spine, you have to face all of these problems & find yourself the way out. Go man GO :P . Thinking so will just make yourself happy until the nature show you a lovely world again… someday. Yes you have to forget that homosapiens don’t have straight spines because they need to stand straight & walk :P .

After reading all these & maybe convincing yourself that what I say is damn true, You won’t ever avoid yourself falling in …. just because you don’t have control over it. But to finalize, I’ll tell you something…

If there is something called heaven, it is meant to be over your head. And so the hell is under your feet. So somewhere you have to “Fall”, definitely won’t be the heaven. And in case you have to fall where is heaven…just think a bit … you are somewhere better than heaven :P .

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Update: Found the source to this post again. enjoy “The valentines day post” & also “Whispers of love

You’ll find really cool valentines day cards here. (I’m not gonna sell you anything, they r just images)


  1. This is my next favorite post of yours after the post “I Life & Success as I know”.

    All what you have said is true. Love is always not a heaven or gardens of roses around you. It becomes hell when we have to face problems and sometimes more worst than hell when problems are not solved.

  2. awesome work…yeah, Chanux is right.. and Rosh wat u have said is also true i strongly believe in dat.. wat ever problem u face u have TALK and solve it.. talking is a very important fact.!!
    PS – finally i commented on one of ur posts.. :D

  3. Dude dis post is an absolute beauty 4 real did u rite it ur self????

    • @buw9
      Hey you. Do you think I steal others posts or there are people who write them for me? you j4k455 :D

    • Poornima Siriwardana
    • Posted February 14, 2009 at 8:23 am
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    Hey Chanux,

    My perspective is little different… Every 1 reply according to their experience. I too have both good and bad experience in my past. So let me tell what i feel. Some people might agree and some might not…

    Well… Love will remain a good feeling in long term, only if u select the right partner. The innocent/pretty/handsome looks, high level of education, big fortune or just physical attraction will not make some 1 a good life partner even though they are the initial facts to be noticed. Some times u might never know 1000 things behind that person which are already know by other people around you.

    No matter how hard it is, u should search till u find that one person, who’s love is not so flowery, who does not do sweet and visibly caring type of love. Coz such love do not last in a long journey. It should be “true care in long term” and “brain” which are needed to go a long way.

    No matter what u say, most of us need a partner for life and ultimately most of us do find one. But u can’t blame ur partner, if it is not going to work out or if itz not the type of love u expected coz he/she was selected by u, thinking itz the best choice. U should always take a long time, 1-2 years, to decide on a person b4 making him/her ur life partner. U have to check and re-check whether itz the right one.

    Just because some one is ur 1st love, don’t think it will work out fine. No matter how many opportunities come ur way, check on them and see, who is the most practical person, who’s feet are on the ground, who is wise enough to make good decisions in life and who can support u the best through out your life.

    What matters is not being the 1st love of ur spouse but being the last one he/she loves. It depends 90% on the partner u choose and how understanding u both are… BUT even after doing all above, still if ur partner changes even after many years, it’s nothing but bad luck due to ur deeds. Coz we can’t control over lives 100%.

    Well, love is not a NOUN but a VERB.

    Not only between two lovers, but between nations, communities and people love should exist towards each other, for the betterment of different world crisis we will have to face now onwards.

    Even i do not accept having different days like valentine’s day, mothers’ day or whatever, to celebrate day-to-day things which should exist 24/7. Coz itz merely a joke celebrating one day, if u do not get it in all other 364 days of the year. What matters the most is not letting the good values of us to get buried underneath… Be ur self and stand for what u believe!!

  4. @Poornima Siriwardhana
    Some good advice on “how to manage a natural disaster”. Sounds emotional & matured.

    But please, just once, for devils sake melt it down to that hormone thing, you’ll find there lies some truth (Though I wrote this to escape blogger block & as a reply to those nice posts which I’ve linked at the end of the post but unfortunately not available now).

  5. Prevention is better than cure anyway, as all of us will have to face that natural disaster 1ce in our life… ;-)

  6. Good evening, Happy Valentine’s Day!

  7. OMG.. wel said buddy ha ha ha :)

  8. heheh…talk about dedication to the blog…you updated links from 2 years ago!!! Thota pissu bung!!! :p But thanks again for the link-back…seeya round chaos soon! Cheers! Enjoy! The Kaiser.

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