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This was a big headache for me. Portable Firefox is a great piece of work but I couldn’t experience it’s ease with my OS love GNU/Linux (there is Gnu/Linux installed in our campus). So the bad old hacker in me wanted some way to make it happen. Even after few Googlings, didn’t find a How-to to do this. So I thought of hacking it for myself. This is what I got ultimately. Once thinngs are ready it takes maximum 4 easy steps(2 steps are optional). So let’s fire it up.

Hope You got Portable Firefox on your USB stick.

What you have to do is adding few lines in to profiles.ini file. To make it bit easy for you I have created fxp.txt file for you.
Download & edit fxp.txt :


Critical update: You better use

Path=/media/disk/FirefoxPotable/Data/profile to get the same profile on Window$ and GNU/Linux.

You can use any string made of letters & numbers for this. Make sure the name you use is unique for your profile.ini file.
This is nothing you have to deal with.
This is the exact path to portable Firefox profile folder [what you see on the address bar when you browse in to profile folder].

And remember to change [Profile1] to the appropriate profile number according to the profile.ini file if necessary. The very first line of fxp.txt is empty. Please remain it unchanged to keep profiles.ini tidy & headacheless.

Now open a terminal & put
cat >> /path/to/profiles.ini /path/to/fxp.txt

ex: cat >> /home/chanux/.mozilla/firefox/profiles.ini /media/flashdrive/fxp.txt

this will append the content of fxp.txt in to profiles.ini. Ofcourse you can do this with GUI lameware with more pain in back. if you like loads of clicks & copy & pastes go that way.

You’ll find profile.ini at

well it’s the home folder :
ex: /home/chanux/.mozilla/firefox/profile.ini

once you update the profile.ini file you are ready to feel the home on the road.

Type firefox -ProfileManager in to the terminal or “run command” box. If you prefer terminal, you have to keep it open as long as you want to use firefox. Once you get profile manager box, choose your portable profile & rejoice.

The four steps in brief:

Check profiles.ini
Edit profiles.ini if needed.
Append fxp.txt to profiles.ini
Start firefox through profile manager.

Update: Make sure Firefox is closed when you try firefox -ProfileManager. I did dumbness & Twittered too. Seejay reminded me to close Fx :D


  1. Hello chanux, thx for the effort, but I think this is not totally portable. Imagine (that’s my case) you need a firefox with several plugins and you don’t know or can’t (or want) install anything in the GNU/Linux system you are using.

    With a portable Firefox and all libs required in a USB stick, you should be able to access the resource you need without installing anything in host computer.

    How would you try to do this?

    Thx in advance.

  2. @Joes
    thats a problem pal; I still experiment on it.

  3. I’m experimenting too. If I find solutions, I’ll post u a comment.

    Thank you again.

  4. Did you ever find a more complete solution that allowed you to bring extensions, search plugins, etc. from machine to machine?

    • There was an extension called ‘Firefox Extension Backup Extension’. I think that might help you.

  5. Hi there mates, good post and pleasant arguments commented at this place,
    I am genuinely enjoying by these.

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