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Now I can see Google Ads on this blog. The day before yesterday, Seejay, amazed and showed me Google Ads on my blog. It was not a huge surprise for me as Matt once said that they have plans doing such a thing and I put my opinion here.

However surprising thing was that I didn’t see any notices from Matt for any other WP guys saying “Google Ads are ready for WP”. Or maybe I’ve missed all the news (I have Matt’s personal blog [previously] and blog on my RSS reader though).

Once I saw the ad on my blog I scanned through some of my WP admin pages to find if I have any control over those ads. However I failed. Maybe I missed that too. The not-so-cool thing is that I had an “Ads Free Blog” banner on my blog. Probably few of my readers have been laughing at me for this. If you come in this category please note that it’s not my fault. By the way I erased that banner yesterday.

I believe that Matt had to put a note about this. If he has done its ok but if it isn’t… Maybe it was a kind of testing or something but still WP guys have responsibility to post a note.

If it’s gone, let it be gone. This little bug is not enough to break my love on sweet WordPress. Still I love you dear WordPress :) .

PS- I am waiting for Matt’s reply for my email on this issue.


  1. Where did you get the idea that was ad-free?

    See here for example (I presume you know who Toni is).

  2. @drac
    i know blogs can have ads but i kept my blog ad free, so i put the ads free blog banner.

  3. @drac
    Whattt!!! Damn I really didn’t know that they show ads on our blogs. Why the fuck I missed this for such a long time? Damn I need to change the way I deal with net I guess.

    I’m confused! confused!! & confused!!!

    Shit! shit!! shit!!!
    @#$#$# #%%@ 8&^ 8787 01 011 1100 11001@ ……

  4. Well now I understand…. I understand that fucking algorithm which fools me.

    Damn why I didn’t think ” Why is unbelievably Good” ?

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