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My uncle, who is an artist and an Arts Teacher, told me about a weird thing this morning. It’s hilarious and at the same time it’s disgusting.

Seylan, that famous (I think its little bit better than using the word popular) Sri Lankan bank has asked for 500Lkr worth Bank Accounts, in order to give away the certificates of an art competition hosted by the bank. I doubt if it was a condition for applying for the competition. Even if it was, still it’s not something nice.

I’ve heard rumors saying Seylan Bank is loosing in the business. This is not a nice way to get out of that situation. Using school kids for business isn’t any better than what Prabhakaran is doing with kids.

Who’s behind Seylan? Is it Celinco? Err… Mr. Lalith Kothalawala? Well… there is no need to type anymore :P


  1. Dont write this type of foolish articles without proper investigations. Seylan Bank generally donates LKR 500 accounts to children to learn the saving habit. Eventhough that is not the case the account which could have been opened with LKR 500. is in the name of the particular child who is eligible to withdraw the money upon maturity.

    As an educated writer please investigate more about the social responsibilities the bank carries out in the country without your knowledge. Please dont mislead readers over your personal needs. Be responsible.

  2. Oh thanx for the advices.
    I said a lie and you corrected it.
    it’s square now :evil:

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