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It was really a problem, actually a dilemma to me.

Since I fell in love with Twitter (long after starting to Tweet) there was something always occupied few processing cycles of my brain. It was not something terrible but my curious mind was eager to understand the pattern of it. Yes, *it* was something in ‘simple & amazing Twitter’.

First I thought it arranged alphabetically. “WTF, what are you talking about???”

Curious & anxious & some what angry YOU might now ask me so huh? Ok I’ll tell you.

It was that bunch of avatar icons on the (right) side bar of yours, mine or anyone else’s Twitter page. They are arranged neither alphabetically nor first-follow-first-come basis. It’s even more interesting.

How old you are in Twitter decides how early you come in that list. It means a bit of dignity :) right?

From the first moment I realized this, I checked the avatar order when ever I check a Twitter profile ;) . It has become an innocent and some what dumb habit of mine. Would you follow me or WOULD YOU FOLLOW ME?

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